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They can send man to the moon, but they can't seem to...

Asked by chyna (51024points) June 2nd, 2023

I found myself thinking this yesterday.
They can send man to the moon, but they can’t seem to make a grocery cart that doesn’t have wobbly wheels. As I struggled to keep my cart on a straight trajectory.
What little annoyance or pet peeve have you thought this same thing about recently?

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make leaf blowers less noisy!

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Make fake leather that doesn’t disintegrate. I’ve got a stool that sheds little bits of black specks all over the floor.

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Make cereal bags or bread bags resealable like Ziplocs. Dumb.

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Make a one size fits all printer ink.

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Make a microwave that isn’t noisy opening and closing the door.

Make solar panels very efficient.

Make storage batters for home electricity less expensive.

Make car batteries lighter and less expensive.

@KNOWITALL You will be happy to know some of the cereals I buy have a ziploc.

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make an english anime dub that is not complete shit.

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@JLeslie Wow, that’s great!! Definately not the gluten-free cereals here like Cheerios or chex. :( I only want cereal about 3x a week so it’s tough.

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^^I think it’s the MaltoMeal cereals. I don’t have any in my house right now. They come in a bag alone, no box.

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@JLeslie – there are 45% efficient solar panels but each costs more than a Bay Area house. You can buy an electric car with 120V output, and the cost per KWh is half that of a home battery. EV lithium ion batteries are as light as current technology allows. There are lithium ion replacements for heavy lead acid batteries but those cost an arm and a leg.

As an aside, I knew a guy who invented a way to make lead acid batteries last forever. He went to AC-Delco to pitch the idea. They literally kicked him out the door because their business model requires people to buy replacement batteries every 60–72 months. Using that invention would put them out of business after about 10 years.

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Make a tin opener that works.

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Figure out a way to warm the water that they squirt on your teeth at the dentist. I’ve actually said that at the dentist’s office…“They can send a man to the moon but…”

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@RocketGuy Maybe he should go to the government or NASA.

@flutherother I assume you mean opening a can of food. I have a Kitchen Aid opener that is an old fashioned manual can opener and it works great! Better than any other brand that I have owned. I think you should have them across the pond, I see Kitchen Aid appliances on the British Bake Off show, hopeful you have the small gadgets there too. I bought my MIL an electric can opener a while back that she lives, but I don’t remember the brand. I want to say Cuisinart, but that might be incorrect.

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@JLeslie I checked and i can get a tin opener (or can opener) through Amazon, so I’ll look into that. Thanks.

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@smudges – my dentist upgraded to a warm water squirter a few years ago. It makes for really comfortable cleaning.

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I’ve ordered it from Amazon.

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@RocketGuy aaaHAAA! So they could get one! I’ll have to tell them next Friday when I go in.
Couple questions…Are you in the states? Is it a large office, like are many dentists working there? I don’t suppose you got the brand…? only half kidding It seems like when I asked them the hygienist said something about difficulty keeping the necessary equipment clean when using warm water. Don’t remember exactly what she said.

Thanks for the info! I hate being squirted. Luckily I have a great dentist and hygienist who know me well and do their best.

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@flutherother I hope the quality is the same as the one I bought a few years. Please let me know if you are happy with it.

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Come up with a compound that will remove graffiti from any surface and make that surface impervious to additional graffiti being put there.

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@JLeslie I’m very happy with it so far. It seems very well made. Thanks again for the suggestion.

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