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How many nights do you wear the same pajamas before throwing them in the laundry?

Asked by JLeslie (65328points) July 27th, 2023 from iPhone

Has it changed as you get older?

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Never wash a good pair of pajamas.

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What are these things you call “pajamas”?

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Who wears pajamas?

I’m either sleeping in briefs or nothing at all. Been doing that for 45 years.

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Just curious, what prompted this Q?

I wear a nighty, washed 9nce a week unless I have a sweaty night.

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I rotate a few summer nightgowns, wash on weekends.

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I wear a t-shirt that gets tossed in the laundry once a week.
Upon reading this question I immediately thought of the old shows where everyone wore long sleeved , buttoned up pajamas like Dick Van Dyke, I Love Lucy and The Brady Bunch. How times have changed.

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I used to wear sleep clothes for 2 or 3 nights, but now I change them every night, but I work from home and sometimes in my PJ’s until noon. Lol. Not usually though. Usually, I shower or pull myself together around 9:00.

Once in a while I wear a sleep shirt two nights in a row at most now.

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I wear cotton pajama pants or shorts and either an old t shirt or tank top to bed. I wear a different top each night because I often sweat but I can wear my bottoms longer without a wash for several days.

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I usually take a shower at night, and put a t-shirt and boxers on. The morning I put a regular shirt over my t-shirt if I’m going to work and throw a pair of pants on. Then when I come home everything goes in the laundry. Wash rinse repeat.

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Pajamas? What dat??

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Sniff test. If it smells like detergent or nothing at all, wear. If it smells like human, wash.

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I take a shower before bed and put on a t shirt and briefs. In the morning I either take another shower and change, or just change the t-shirt and brief and get dressed.
I never reuse.

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What pajamas?

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I wear a t-shirt to bed every night, and in the morning I change into work clothes or church clothes, so then the t-shirt is put in the laundry. But I also wear fleece pants to bed most of the time and those I will wear for a couple days, unless I’m really sweaty for some reason.

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