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What’s your latest tip?

Asked by JLeslie (65185points) 2 months ago from iPhone

My tip is if you have ants in your house that you are having trouble getting rid of, the granules for red aunts for lawn is fantastic. I’ve used it three times in 7 years (not always red aunts) and it always works thoroughly and complete in 4 days. I just put a little where I see the ants, add a few drops of water, and again add a little water day two. Day 4 I clean it all up. When I say a little, about a tablespoon (maybe two at the most) spread over 6”x12” ish area if I can’t exactly figure out where they are coming from.

Keep in mind the product is technically for outside.

Remember it is POISON.

I am not promoting or recommending, I’m only telling you what I have done.

Use at your own risk. I think using a little of this once every three years is less poison than spraying my house a lot. I use gloves when I handle it, probably it would be good to wear a mask too.

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When you buy cold cut meats for your sandwiches, buy them in bulk and freeze them. That way they will last forever.

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When filling your gas tank, stop filling when the nozzle first shuts off. To add more fuel than that could activate the “check engine” light and could risk damaging the car’s emission system and warranting an expensive repair.

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In the winter time in cold climates, don’t run your engine while filling-up ^^^^ also may activate “check engine”.

Some autos will require a dealer to reset.

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Come to New Jersey where we’re not allowed to pump gas!

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@janbb Or go to Austria, where they will pump *clap * you up!

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@JLeslie We use ours putside the home so they never make entry. ;)

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I love tips from people! Thanks for this @JLeslie!

When you’re washing your face while leaning over the sink, use two of those cloth ponytail holders on your wrists so the water doesn’t drip down to your elbows. Hate when that happens! Has to be the fluffy cloth kind, not just elastic.

If you only sleep on one side of the bed, instead of washing your sheets whenever you normally wash them, just flip them over so you’re sleeping on the fresh side. So what if the bottom sheet is inside out…not a biggie. Saves on wear and tear and laundry.

Apply eye makeup and moisturizer with your ring finger; it’s weakest and therefore you don’t pull on the skin. And pat it on, don’t rub.

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@Tropical_Willie I thought it was a big no-no to run your engine while fueling up anyway…no matter the weather.

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@smudges It is here. People still do it though.

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@KNOWITALL I put down a broad spectrum bug killer granule on my lawn twice a year and I think it helps tremendously with keeping my lawn green and preventing bugs from getting in my house. I so rarely see a bug in my house, I spray maybe once a year now, and only if I see multiple bugs in a short time, which is almost never. Even when I spray it, it is along the baseboards here and there where I think they might be getting in and I leave for three hours and then air out the house. I bought one of those big gallon bug sprays and I think it is going to last me ten years, it has already been about five.

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A cheap code reader can be had for about $60. It will also reset the computer and shut the “check engine ” light off. (Unless something else is wrong with the emissions system that turns the light on, besides a loose or missing gas cap.) I have one.

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Italian wines are awesome and are generally more affordable than an equivalent US-produced wine even with the costs of importation factored in. This is primarily due to the fact that that vineyard in California costs tens of millions of dollars, whereas the mortgage for that vineyard in Sicily was paid off in 1735 and has been in the family ever since.

Bonus tip, learn about indigenous Italian varietals (or Spanish/Portuguese) by going to free wine tastings at your local wine stores. There’s a premium built into the costs of international varietals (the ones everyone knows like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.) so if you discover that you love Verdicchio di Matelica, or Nerello Mascalese you can save yourself some cash, drink better than your friends, and feel a little bit superior to them for being so worldly in your wine knowledge (while really just being a cheapskate).

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If you are constipated, pre-wiping with tp sometimes helps.

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15%, when I tip at all.

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