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Does someone who has been married or is a parent have experiences that would better prepare them for an elected office?

Asked by smudges (10421points) 2 months ago

As asked. A previous question made me wonder.

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No, not really. Plenty of others who have been in that office recently check those boxes. It did not help them.

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I think it would depend entirely on the office. School board positions, for example, might benefit from the experience and perspective of someone who has had children in school, but a congressperson, not necessarily.

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Maybe. My kids are in their 40s. My grandkids are in their teens. Does having multiple generations of kids qualify me for anything? Doubtful.

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I haven’t noticed it helping anyone, but it might give them a little experience in negotiating that others don’t have. Now, if this came out of the Tim Scott being bullied for not being married, there is a backstory to that. Being a typical politician, he ran his mouth a while back & pulled the holier than thou attitude out of his butt & said that NOBODY should have sex if they’re not married. Well…now that he’s 57 & still single, a reporter asked him when he first announced his plan to run for president if he was a virgin. It wasn’t a completely random question. He had spent his young adult life preaching abstinence until marriage. He’d give talks and mention that he was saving himself until marriage, and during my interview with the then-congressman he was, and continues to be unmarried. Personally, I don’t think anybody is trying to say he shouldn’t be president because he’s not married…they are just yanking his chain for recreation & it caught on with those who don’t know what they’re talking about. (shocked)

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@LadyMarissa …but it might give them a little experience in negotiating that others don’t have.

That’s what I was thinking might be the case – negotiation, diplomacy…along those lines. On the other hand, someone running for office has probably picked up some experience because they’re already in politics.

Never heard of Tim Scott, but I’d bet money he’s no virgin!

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Many great leaders had terrible children. I’m looking at you, Gandhi!
Would raising children help you be a better leader? Only in learning to deal with Congress disappointment.

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Well, there is a bit of baby sitting that does go on.

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I’m not a parent. I think being a parent definitely would broaden perspective on some issues, but some people are pretty good at remembering childhood and good at being empathetic. I think those people can be just as good at handling the issues of government and in particular the difficulties parents face. Can a rich parent understand what it is like for a poor parent? Circumstances are very different for people who have trouble paying for childcare.

I see some people become and develop total amnesia regarding what it’s like to be a kid.

@LadyMarissa Thank you for that back story! I’m going with he is gay. I usually have great gaydar, and with Tim Scott the lights weren’t flashing when I first saw him, but now with more information and how he appears; he, to me, is quite possibly gay.

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@all Thanks for your thoughts. It was just something that occurred to me.

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@JLeslie And most of us remember vividly what it was like being a kid and still find that the perspectives of being a kid and raising a kid are very different, as we now have a greater awareness of the world and what it takes to live in it because of experience and maturity.

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@smudges Tim Scott is currently running for president in 2024 & not doing great in the polls. Still he is falling 3rd in line behind 45 & DeSantis to possibly make it although it appears very unlikely at this point. He has been a member of Congress from SC for a good number of years. I’ve NEVER liked him as I found him to be extremely arrogant!!! I couldn’t vote in SC so I’ve not had the opportunity to vote against him. I don’t care if he’s gay, I don’t care that he’s not married with kids, & I definitely don’t care whether or not he’s a virgin. None of those are considered parameters when I decide on who I plan to vote!!! Maybe it’s because I live so close to SC & I hear a LOT of their news that I know that his being unmarried is brought up frequently.

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@canidmajor Maybe you remember what it was like to be a kid, but plenty of people seem to not remember. Of course, being an adult give you more awareness and perspective, I have no argument with that. I also think most people without kids suck at being empathetic towards parents, it baffles me, but it seems to be the case. Still, there are plenty of people without children who get it.

Just like there are straight people who fight for gay rights, and white people who fight for civil rights. They maybe not understand all of the feelings and experience, but they believe the people who have gone through it and fight for their needs.

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It could, but not necessarily. As has been mentioned, the ability to get along with others and to be a leader could be a proven commodity. However being married does not mean you were a good spouse or that you got along with anyone other than long enough to get into a marriage. Likewise you could have children and have absolutely nothing to do with them…let nannies raise them, ship them off to boarding schools, etc.

From the other side of the coin, just because someone is not married might or might not mean anything. They could be horrifically ugly or completely socially inept so they could not find anyone willing to join with them. Or they could be a one in a million catch that isn’t willing to settle for less that the very very best. Or they could just not be good at intimate relationships. As for not children that might be a choice…not wanting children for a variety of reasons…or it could be something physiological

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