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Where was the phone when you were growing up?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37005points) 4 days ago

Ours was on the wall next to the kitchen table. It was a dial phone. What about yours?

What other things like landline phones have gone away that you occasionally think about?

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Kitchen and master bedroom.

If you use an air phone if you pill the power out you can hear other peoples phone calls

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On the wall on the table side by the kitchen pass through. It was where the phone company put the main connection for every house in our housing development that was new in 1965.

They also put a hook up in the master bedroom figuring most families would want a second phone.

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One upstairs in parents’ bedroom. One mounted on the wall in the kitchen.

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In the living room, next to the kitchen door.

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The kitchen and master bedroom. When I was around 16 years old my parents let me get a phone in my room. I still find that shocking. I don’t remember if I had my own number.

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Gosh, you all must have been rich to have two phones! J/k
Ours was on a small table beside the kitchen where you had no privacy at all. It remained there years after I had moved out.

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@chyna not rich – just that my parents were paranoid of fires and wanted a phone upstairs in case they house caught on fire so they could call the fire department. This was pre-911 days.

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When I was little, we lived in an apartment in a very genteel neighborhood, and the one phone was in the kitchen on a little table (almost like a stool). There may have been another phone in my mother’s room. When I was a little older (teenager), the phone was on the kitchen counter peninsula. My grandmother lived in a huge Victorian house and her phone was in the pantry. The pantry was the size of a small bedroom, and she had a chair in there and the phone was on the counter in there. That was right next to the kitchen. She also had another phone upstairs in her living room. These were all dial phones. I wish I still had them. They’re collectors’ items now, especially my grandmother’s phone, which was probably from the 1950s and was heavy and solid.

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Kitchen wall. Just inside the kitchen entrance. Green rotary phone with a 6’ curly cord.

I never used it when my mother was in the kitchen, smoking, raging about something. I’d either use it when nobody was home or go to the corner store to use a pay phone.

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@JLeslie Did you have a Princess Phone ? My friend’s sister got one, although it was on the family line so not a separate number.

My grandmother lived in an apartment built in the 1920s, the phone was in the hallway opposite the kitchen, in a special niche in the wall with a small shelf for taking notes. Granny had a small upholstered stool to sit on while on the phone.

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Ours hung on the left wall in the hall just past the kitchen. My parents were nice & had a phone with a 25 foot cord so my brother & I could go to our bedroom & close the door in order to chat with our friends in private. Of course, that was considered a privilege that could be easily lost by breaking the rules!!!

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About the same the same as everyone else kitchen,and parents bed room.

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Kitchen counter, straight cord (not a “pig tail”). We started out with “party line” three long rings was our house.

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The first one I remember was on the TV in the living room. When I was 5 we moved to a bigger house, and it was in the hallway near the front door.

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A wall phone in the kitchen and a standard-for-the-1970s desk type in my parents’ bedroom. My senior year in high school we got a portable phone. It spent most evenings in my possession as I got the most phone calls. If not with me or being used by someone else, it was on a charging base in the kitchen.

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@zenvelo I did not have a princess phone.

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The legit AT&T phone was in the kitchen. My dad also wired two pirate* extension phones in the basement and my brothers’ bedroom. **

* In the 1970s, AT&T had a legal monopoly on US phone service, and only AT&T-installed phones were legal

** Flaunting the restriction was not a big deal

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My aunt who lived in Jacksonville, FL, had her phone in the hallway, and she had a telephone table, which was like a wide chair with a table on one end, and a small shelf under the table. The shelf was to hold the phone book.

It’s such an antiquated thought now to have to sit in one spot to talk on the phone. My daughter, who is a teenager, is amazed when I tell her how when the phone used to ring, you’d pick it up and have no idea who was calling until the person started talking, and how if you were waiting for an important call, you couldn’t go out because you had to stay home to answer the phone, and you couldn’t be on the phone with anyone else or you’d miss the call.

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On the kitchen wall at the end of the breakfast bar, parent’s bedroom and Dad’s den. I talked in the den.

omg – the den! Orange firm-feeling couch, no arm rests; shag orange brown and yellow carpeting, 2 lamps with orange bases, and a very cool large desk my father made. The only way I can describe it is if you took a square and stretched out two opposite corners with one a little shorter. Beautifully shellacked with a black base and underside. Very talented man with many interests.

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Breakfast room wall (cord long enough to go into the kitchen), and upstairs office.

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One in the kitchen and one in the front hall. The previous owner of the house was an AT&T manager and had a four-prong jack in each room so those two phones could actually be plugged into any room. But the setup mentioned above was common. I had a job in high school and had my own phone service installed in my room.

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Rotary Dial phone on the wall in the Kitchen.
Rotary Dial phone in the Laundry room in the basement.
I recall discovering a test number that dials your phone back. I would prank my family from the basement when they picked up the phone upstairs.

Beautiful Glass ashtray’s on the coffee table.
Penny Candy.

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Always the kitchen.

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In the living room.

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On the wall in the kitchen – too high for us kids to reach.

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But still in easy reach of the cat.

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