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What are your bad habits?

Asked by filmfann (52041points) 2 months ago

Me? I have many.
The first I will list is that I chew ice. My dentist has told me repeatedly that I am damaging my not-so pearly whites.

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If you like to chew ice make sure your iron level is ok, it can be a symptom of low iron. Other symptoms are being tired, your tongue hurts, tongue very pale, lightheaded, faster heart rate, just to name a few. You might have very few symptoms if its borderline low.

My bad habits:

Eating too much and eating food that is bad for me.

Coca cola and caffeine is my habit, let’s say addiction, I gave up many years ago. My love of it is still there, and I treat myself maybe four to six times a year.

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Back when I was a nun, I misbehaved frequently. Then I kicked the habit.

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Ummm…none I’d care to admit here. ;)

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