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What toppings would be better if layered?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24336points) 2 months ago

Like butter in theater popcorn?
Cheese and gravy in poutine?
Cheese, and tomatoes in nachos?

Humor and useful answers welcome.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos on making food, and I wonder why the restaurants don’t layer their toppings?

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Well, out my way, snowballs are a big thing in the summer, and a lot of people get marshmallow on them. I don’t, mainly because I have diabetes nowadays, but even before I found out I had diabetes, I didn’t like getting the marshmallow because it took away from tasting the flavor of the snowball. But I’ve heard many people say that the best marshmallow is when they layer it in between layers of the flavored ice.

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^^ Ok, first I thought a snowball was an actual snowball like you make in winter to throw at people. Then I thought, no, maybe they’re talking about the Hostess chocolate cakes covered in marshmallow and coconut. So now I’m wondering…what the hell is a snowball?? Is it what I call a snowcone with ice in a paper cone squirted with flavors??

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First of all, there is no butter on your theatre popcorn. They drizzle artificially-butter-flavored oil on popcorn. It may taste good, but…..

Anything with whipped cream is better layered, such as jello/whipped cream.

A layer of peanut butter is always best as a layer between two cookies or two spoonfuls of ice cream.

Most hair styles require layering.

If you like spanakopita or baklava you know that all of those layers of phyllo are much better than one solid crust.

Many casseroles require layering, such as lasagna.

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@smudges yes, I guess that is a good way to describe it. Picture ice chopped really finely or some places use shaved ice. And then you have all sorts of flavors that you can choose from to have poured onto it so that it permeates it all. And then some people put marshmallow on it, although I do not. And thankfully, they have sugar free flavors so I can still have snowballs.

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@LifeQuestioner Yes, that’s what we call, or I call, a snowcone. Love them! But marshmallow sounds disgusting! I remember as a kid sucking the flavor out of the point of the paper cup at the bottom. LOL

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@smudges yeah, even before I found out I had diabetes at the age of 45, I always thought it was just too much in the way of sweetness. And what’s the point of picking a favorite flavor or something new to try if you can’t truly taste it because of all the marshmallow?

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