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Will you get the new RSV vaccine?

Asked by jca2 (16459points) December 20th, 2023

There is a new vaccine out for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). On the news, they say the numbers for it are up 60%, especially in the southern parts of the US.

Will you get the vaccine? Why or why not?

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Thanks for reminding me. Yes, I need to get it.

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Absolutely, as soon as I feasibly can. Probably right after the 25th, things are goofy right now.
Why? I am dealing with Long Covid already, I am over 65, I am stupidly compromised already, so I really don’t want another sickness thing.

Pretty sure by now that I have completely replaced my blood with vaccines.

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Probably not. Isn’t it approved for over age 60 and pregnant women? Or, are all ages approved? I’m 55.

The CDC recommendation I think is for over 65 years old, although the FDA approval was over 60. I should probably research that further. Jellies might want to read up on that themselves.

I hesitate to get anything new, although at this point the vaccine has probably been given to millions of people and we can feel pretty good that there hasn’t been much of any serious side effects.

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@JLeslie I know there’s one for mothers pregnant with babies. I’m not sure what else is approved for others. I haven’t really researched it because I can’t get it anyway.

I’d gotten flu vaccine a few times when I worked at the Health Dept but once I left there, I stopped getting flu vaccines (for about the past 20 years). I’m not anti-vaccine, I just didn’t get them, probably partly because people who had the flu vaccine still got the flu (which I understand why but still), and now I can’t get it anyway.

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I tried to get it in October when I got my latest Covid booster and my flu shot. But CVS said it wasn’t covered by my insurance and would not give it to me.

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My doctor felt I didn’t need to get it since I am very healthy. If that changes I will get one.

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@zenvelo Are you under 65?

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@JLeslie Found this: ” No. There is not yet an approved RSV vaccine for people under age 60. There’s a maternal RSV vaccine and a monoclonal antibody for infants in development.” from this:,them%20as%20well%20as%20yourself.

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@canidmajor Thanks for doing the research. Basically how I remembered it. I have a lot of friends where I live saying they were told to get the vaccine (remember I live in a 55 and up town so lots of people in their 60’s) and a couple people asked me if I was getting the vaccine. When I first heard of it, the little I read was so focused on older people and children I didn’t spend much time on it.

Edit: although worth noting my cardiac health is more like someone in their 60’s, which makes me higher risk for severe illness.

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I went to my family practice doctor last week to get RSV, flu and Covid-19 vaccines. He only had the flu and shingles vaccines. So I got those. I could go to a drugstore or supermarket pharmacy to get the RSV and Covid-19 vaccinations but I’d rather have an RN inject me with vaccines.

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No, I will probably not get it. I’m not entirely against vaccines, but don’t buy into all the claims. I used to get a flu vaccine every year and got the flu every single year. Then I decided to pass on the vaccine and didn’t get the flu. Next year the same. And the year after. About three years later I decided to get the vaccine again and again got the flu. And I tend to get the flu within 2 weeks of getting the vaccine. So I’ll take my chances on getting the flu.

Also, after the fiasco that was the Covid-19 vaccine, I will do some serious research prior to getting any vaccine in the future.

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I tried to get it on my last visit to my PCP, but she said my insurance wouldn’t cover it.

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I got one a couple months back. Is that the new one?

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Absolutely, yes.

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I got mine back in October when I got my Flu & Covid vaccines. I decided that while being a pin cushion, I’d go for the trifecta!!! RSV was fairly heavy at the time.

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@JLeslie No, I am over 65. But CVS doesn’t have it. I have to go to Walgreen’s.

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@LadyMarissa They wouldn’t let me get all three at once at my pharmacy, although I asked. That’s OK, I love my small private business pharmacy. Only a minor inconvenience.

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@zenvelo Check their site. My CVS has the vaccine.

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^I’m going to hit up my CVS this weekend.

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I’m thinking maybe I should get it this week since I’ll be travelling in the New Year – despite what my doctor said.

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@chyna So, are you willing to pay for it? Above you said you didn’t do it because your insurance didn’t cover it.

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I got the vaccine yesterday at CVS. I’m having no side effects this morning. It may be different for you.

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I got it as soon as Kaiser was offering it, at the beginning of November.

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Is $300 here for the vaccine. So no.

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@RedDeerGuy1 You’re too young for it.

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