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Should I buy a new phone or get an iPad?

Asked by tinyfaery (44109points) January 2nd, 2024

The phone is about 4 years old and I smooshed it last fall so there are actually components exposed on the back of the phone, but aside from the wireless charging, it works fine. I’m not sure how much longer that will continue to be the case.

I read a lot on my phone, like a lot, a lot, and more and more I am noticing eyes strain and neck/back strain. I thought that if I got an iPad it’d solve a lot of my problems.

But I don’t think my phone can last much longer, and I know getting a new phone solves none of my problems, but I seriously don’t feel like making two big purchases in one year (potentially).

I tried to make a switch to Android last year and it’s crap, so yes it must be an iPad. Also, I read stuff that I don’t think can be read on an e-reader, unless I can read random pdfs, mobi, epub, etc. from the internet or files. Is an e-reader that much cheaper than an iPad, considering how much and iPad can do v. an e-reader?

Do you have any information that can help me make a decision?

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Android is not crap, there are a lot of crap android devices though.eilli g to be that is why your experience was bad…cough Kindle fire. For the price of an iPad, you can get a new phone and a decent Android tablet, like a Samsung or Pixel tablet.

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I personally can’t stand reading crap on my phone so I use my computer or ipad. For books I have, well, books and a Kindle. But I also do a lot of audiobooks which is phone. When I travel I generally take ipad and phone only and leave my kindle/laptop at home. But I use my ipad like a computer insofar as answering email and the like. I have a keyboard for it.

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I’m very happy with my iPad mini for reading, travel and the internet. I use the Kindle app on my iPad mini for books. There seem to be many trade-in good deals on iPhones for service contracts – could you not look into one and get an iPad as well?

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If you don’t want to spend money on both right now, I would get a new phone, because your phone sounds like it is on its way to dying.

Eventually you can get a new ipad when the 10 is on sale. Ipad isn’t very expensive if you get one that only works with wifi.

It could easily be argued the other way though.

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Turn you old iPhone in for NEW 15 ! several companies will let you trade it in. . . . !

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Trade in would fetch maybe $30 – yay.

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@RocketGuy That’s not necessarily true as both @Tropical_Willie and i pointed out. Providers are offering deals for new phones with service.

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I do not like the Android OS. I had the very first iPhone, and it is the only mobile OS I have ever used. I tried to use android for awhile and it does not work with my brain.

No one will give me money for my phone. It is a 12 and broken af.

I use mint mobile and it is so much less than any plan from a major carrier, especially since I do not use much data, and it’s just me. I can get a new phone or iPad for 0% financing from Apple.

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I have a 12 mini. The newer phone, I think it is 15, is a slightly bigger screen if that influences you at all. Much more expensive than the least expensive ipad of course. My new ipad I can talk on the phone on my ipad if it’s close to my phone. I can do texting on it too, but I turned that off.

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I read stuff that I don’t think can be read on an e-reader, unless I can read random pdfs, mobi, epub, etc

You can read all that stuff on an e-reader. But they make it super easy to stay locked into their store for content, so most people aren’t aware there are alternatives. I get free e-books from project Gutenberg and Google books, and I borrow e-books from the library.

E-readers are great for reading text and for the long battery life & that’s it. They aren’t good for PDFs or magazines.

I have a Kindle Paperwhite for books and an Amazon Fire 8 [inch] Plus for web browsing & video. Both get heavily discounted a few times a years, so wait for a sale if you want one.

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@janbb – there really aren’t great “deals” on new phones with trade ins. Maybe if you do the math there’s a bit of savings on sticker price, but this practice is only a trick to sell you a new phone. They probably sell 90% of the trade ins in bulk to an electronics scrapper. Yes, it says free phone, but what kind of business model would that be? You pay for the phone with inflated service fees. As OP pointed out, if you own a phone, there are several low cost providers who measurably outperform the larger carriers, on a cost to service basis.

Kindles have the superior properties for reading. You can use natural light, or the back light, easy pick up and put down. There are certainly ways to put several formats into a kindle, which actually uses the epub format now, I believe. Either the kindle software will convert them for you, or you can use an online or downloadable tool to convert the file formats. PDF and MOBI should be easy enough.

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Got myself an iPad mini because it can basically work like a phone. It gets here in a few day.

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What model number @tinyfaery?

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Not sure. I got a 6th generation. 64gb. Purple.

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The iPad was a good choice. I have basically replaced my phone. Yay!

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