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Does Trump and his lawyers think $100 million equals $455 million for penalties ?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (31111points) 1 month ago

Trump and his lawyers can only come up with $100 million.

I think Judge Engoron will ask Trump which properties he doesn’t want to have sold and honor that.

He can’t find anyone to bond for him (bad credit risk maybe ?)

Second question what properties should he sell Bedford and the course in Scotland . . . . ?

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The Towers where he lives sounds fair to me!!! He won’t sell Bedford or he’ll lose his tax writeoff & Ivana.

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Think he is about to start crying in public, Engoron has him be the “short hairs” ! !

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He still owes E Jean Carroll too !

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If he can’t do business in New York, perhaps shedding all those properties is most appropriate.

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Apparently the bond companies don’t like to take real estate as collateral, rather have stocks, bond and bank accounts.

“Trump must come up with the full bond amount to cover the $454 million civil fraud trial judgment, appeals court judge rules ”.

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Real estate is not a very liquid asset. Plus, no one wants to spend time and money managing real estate that pops into their possession if that’s not their business. That’s why banks would rather do a short sale than a full repossession for delinquent loans.

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So maybe the court in New York (through the monitor) will start selling his properties until the penalty amount is met !

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The lawyers were just trying to get away with it.

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Bond Organizations won’t touch it due to the risk. Try ousting him from a property once he defaults.

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If the court had agreed on $100 million instead of $455 million bond, the additional $355 would never have been paid.

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