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Do you think when Biden had his physical, he should have had the doctor mention the cognitive, to address the elephant in the room?

Asked by jca2 (16239points) 1 month ago

I was listening to a radio show before, and they were talking about Biden’s physical, and how it said he is fine, physically. During the press conference about it, his spokesperson said that the cognitive part was not done. The radio hosts suggested that it would have been helpful for it to have been done, since there has been so much criticism of Biden’s age and abilities recently, from many sources. They were saying that his age and cognitive abilities are the “elephant in the room” if you’re familiar with that phrase.

If the doctor did it and it was discussed, it might shut down some criticism about the topic.

Do you agree?

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Naw,The Frightwing are like a dog with a bone ,they would find a way to put a negative spin on it regardless.

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I don’t need a doctor to tell me that I’m looking at a weak and feeble old man.

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Look, it was either Biden or Sanders the far-left communist.

America was in great peril, and Biden stepped up to save the country.

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Interestingly, when I had my physical last month, there was a cognitive portion of it. I had to draw a clock and indicate the time the nurse gave me; she gave me three objects to remember and I had to repeat them after we were done; I had to do simple addition, and a couple of other small tests. Nothing major, just simple tests which, if I had a problem with them, would indicate there may be some problems with my thinking. This is the first year they’ve done that and I think it’s a great idea.

I’m kind of surprised that the caliber of doctors that presidents see don’t do something similar They should.

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@smudges yes, they call that the mini-mental test and I would be surprised if Biden’s doctor didn’t do it too.

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Does it matter? You can be an incredibly flawed person as long as you’re born into money or connections.

There’s never gonna be some point where people are fully well adjusted and normal.

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No. Well at least not “when Biden had his physical” – that seems pretty stupid.

And, whose mind would that change?

Biden seems pretty sharp, to me. Just on the old side, and with a stutter.

I guess it could make sense to consider doing a meaningful demonstration of competence. But Biden seems to have a very consistent style of just doing his job and not digressing into silly pointless nonsense. I appreciate that, and also don’t need such a demonstration, but I suppose there may be some people who are buying the criticisms, or who are getting the wrong idea from videos or something, who might have their minds changed. It seems like an undignified stunt to have to pull, and I’m not sure there’s an actual better way to do that than just doing the actual POTUS job well and not engaging that conversation at all.

(@Kropotkin Sanders is not a “far-left communist”.)

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You’re presuming he would have passed the cognitive.

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He could have done the same test as the Orangutan to demonstrate he remembers what an elephant looks like. Surely that would have convinced the right wingers of his mental fitness.

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Is there a requirement that the health of the President be disclosed to the public? If so I guess that would be a change, because the way I remember it, no one knew Kennedy had Addison’s disease or severe back trouble. He’s not the only president that the public was not fully aware of the health of the president. Maybe tests have been done and not disclosed? Maybe they purposely avoid doing tests so there is nothing to disclose.

As far as mental health, with Biden it’s difficult to tell how diminished he might be just by listening to him since he has a stutter, but my bet is he isn’t as sharp or quick as 30 years ago. He seems to retain recent information.

The test mentioned above with the clock I think he would pass with flying colors, but a more in-depth test he might not do so great, who knows.

If we start testing presidential candidates and presidents it obviously could have a downside.

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^And Regan had Alzheimer’s that they didn’t disclose in his last years as president.

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^^I think he had died before they admitted it & that was 15–16 years later. Nancy always stood within earshot & when he hesitated, she’d start his next sentence & he’d repeat what she said & that seemed to jumstart him & then he’d finish the thought. Biden isn’t at the place where Dr Jill is feeding him his lines.

Biden’s doctor DID address it…he said that he had administered the neurological evaluation. That tells them if there is any need to do the lengthy cognitive test & they saw NO reason to do so. I can promise you that old 45 NEVER took the cognitive test. Hell, he didn’t know what one was until it became beneficial to make HIM look better!!! Personally, I’d rather have Biden in a coma than 45 as a dictator. Anybody thought about the fact that the 2024 election could very well be the very LAST election that the US will ever have???

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@LadyMarissa I’ve seen an interesting meme going around. it shows the two Lord of the Rings wizards – Sauron and Gandalf. Both are very old but which one do you want in charge of Middle Earth?

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I don’t think it would have changed any voter opinions in any party as it’s so obvious. And Trump slips up, too. Sigh.

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I read the ticker on his check-up, on the bottom of the news yesterday. Haven’t bothered to read much about it.
The word “robust,” was used to describe Biden.
That’s one easy way, to discredit yourself as a news source…

Regardless of his appearance, and even cognition, he is still an exponentially better candidate than Trump.
In fact. It’s a challenge, to seem more corrupt, and morally defunct than Trump.
There are homeless people in DC, with more government experience than Don…

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@KNOWITALL do you think Trump’s flaws would be so glaring, if he didn’t say as much?

I still think his biggest enemy, is his diarrhea of the mouth.

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My stepson was a Nurse Practitioner. He used to do home healthcare assessments. One of the things he was required to do with ALL elderly persons was a cognitive test. This was done to ensure they were not in a situation where they could be a threat to themselves or those around them without having awareness of it. I find it odd that a routine physical on the leader of the nation who is over 80 y.o. was not done and not considered. That sounds questionable to me. The first question should be why the doctor WOULDN’T do one. Besides, any time the POTUS goes into the doctor for anything, his status is always public. We all have a right to know if our leader is on the edge of death or if he can’t remember if his underwear goes under or over his pants.

But the Dems have been swearing Biden is sharp as a tack. He doesn’t show it any time in public, but hey, he’s sharp! They are doing everything they can to avoid a cognitive test for him. They’d have to nix him as a candidate if he failed and then go with….Kamala?

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@KNOWITALL Trump has been slipping up a bit. But he has also been under a huge amount of stress. Getting Lawfare attacks and campaigning at the same time is enough to wear you down. But hey, give him the cognitive test. The left will not believe the results like they didn’t the last time, but just to be sure, do it. He’d probably agree if Biden was also willing to do it.

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Honestly. This just exposes even more systematic flaws, in the process.
Any candidates, or active presidents, should be constantly monitored by health professionals.

Wulf. What if they both fail a retest?

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@MrGrimm888 What if both Biden and Trump failed the cognitive tests? I’d say that made the upcoming election even more bizarre. And I’d say we, the people, dodged a bullet, eh?

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^It’s very telling, that it’s a realistic possibility that BOTH our candidates could have outgrown the office…

Hearing Trump boast about remembering car, person, camera DID NOT ease my mind about his mental condition.

As said above, we just need a TV, to see Biden is having a rough time.
And being POTUS, if done right, is very taxing for a man. (We haven’t seen a woman go through it, yet.)

I worry that Trump could be imprisoned at some point, making his VP pretty important.

Obviously. Biden could succumb to mortality at any time. We saw how our nation handled a health crisis with the Secretary of Defense.

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