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What other videogames would you recommend?

Asked by luigirovatti (2862points) 2 weeks ago

I made a list, but still was a bit new to the genres. Here’s a more accurate list:

- Half-Life (all games)
– Mortal Kombat (all games)
– Dark Souls (all games)
– Until Dawn (all games)
– Star Wars: The Old Republic (all classes)
– Until Dawn
– Heavy Rain

As you can see, I removed alpha protocol, genshin impact, and hitman, and a few others. Those I looked more carefully. Anyway, thanks for your time.

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Based on your list, Bioshock, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age might be up your alley. Great storytelling in all of them. If possible go in without any spoilers or watching the trailers. They’re a lot more fun blind.

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Detroit become human
Dragon’s Dogma and dragon’s dogma 2
Portal 2
Remember me
The Quarry
Murdered, soul suspect
Spec Ops The Line
Enslaved Odyssey to the West
Fallout series
Uncharted series
The last of us series, especially part II
Elden Ring!!
Ghost of Tsushima!!

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Civilization 7 is coming out soon.
Also Baldurs Gate 3 just got released a month or so ago. I don’t have a computer so I will live vicariously through walk throughs on YouTube.

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Sonic the hedgehog frenchise, mostly Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. But most are good, if you are more into 2d platformers then first 3

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I’m old school, so I’d recommend Final Fantasy and some other good RPGs. But it sounds like you like a slightly different genre.

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I know it’s a bit off genre, but I HAVE to throw in the God of War series. Amazing (familiar if you know about mythology,) storyline, and the game has seemed to max out the potential of the platforms it has been released on.
There is also a puzzle element to it, that keeps button pushers from beating it.
Although, at least the newest one had storyline-centric game play, with little actual playing involved as an option, so any skill level player can see the whole game.

But lots of action, and the sheer scale of some of the Titans and other characters is very well done and really pull you into the game.

I can’t afford ro be a PC gamer.
I am fine with my PS5.
Although it does have limitations with bigger games.
Civilization 6 is on PS5, but once you get really far in, it freezes and can’t handle all the moves in a turn….

I almost bought a gaming laptop last Christmas, just for Civilization.

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