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Did they buy this million dollar home?

Asked by honeybun35 (979points) 2 weeks ago

SA starving artist have been staying in a mansion since Jan. Since they have been there it’s been for sale. The house is now pending sale. Do you think they bought it or someone else put in an offer?

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Not enough information to make a guess.

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The artist was employed as a house sitter to make sure things were clean and in order while the house was for sale.

During the last several months, the realtor sold the house. The artist will be moving out now that there are new owners.

What business is it of yours?

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I think I don’t care and why is that your concern? Don’t answer that.

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And your here why. I will answer and you know that. Dumb next. Evidently you did to answer period now answer that

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Is there a link?
What “million dollar home”?
How do you know that the artist was starving? Did they show signs of extreme malnutrition?
If you know any of the principals, why not ask them?

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Whether the starving artist (SA) bought the mansion or someone else put in an offer depends on a few factors. Here are some possibilities:
1) SA Bought the House: If SA had the means to purchase the mansion, it’s possible they made an offer that was accepted. This could be through savings, loans, or financial backing from another party.
2) Someone Else Put in an Offer: Given the mansion was for sale while SA was staying there, it’s plausible that another buyer made an acceptable offer. The “pending sale” status indicates that an offer has been accepted and the sale is in progress, but it doesn’t specify who the buyer is.
3) SA Might Be Renting or House-Sitting: SA might be staying in the mansion through an arrangement like renting, house-sitting, or even an agreement with the owner or real estate agent to occupy the house while it’s on the market. This would mean that another party’s offer led to the pending sale.

Finally, I would bring them some food if they are starving.

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Best answer Forever_Free makes sense. Artist trying get on their feet. Someone did say probably house-sitting.

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I have no idea what million dollar home or artist we’re talking about. Did I miss something?

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@jca2 Apparently we all did, cuz we have been informed we are “dumb” here, and on other answers to @honeybun35’s questions.

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Contributing to ALL threads, is not mandatory…

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Here deeds are filed on all purchases of property so you can always check there post-closing. Or call the realtor and pretend to be interested. Or ask the starving artists.

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Oh. You could try Google Earth…

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