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Are these words/phrases you never want to hear ever again?

Asked by rawpixels (2658points) October 2nd, 2008

Soccer/Hockey Mom, Joe Sixpack, Maverick, Small Town Values, Change, .......I’m sure I’m missing quite a few.

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bail out
wall street

But most of all…...Bush, McCain and Pallin.

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If that gosh darn Maverick refers to me as Joe Sixpack one more time, and such as, well you know…reporters, I’ll get back to ya! wink, wink

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and just for lols

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Ronald Reagan
The surge is working.

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“reach across the aisle”

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What is Joe sixpack supposed to be referring to? Is it really a 6 pack of Budweiser? It makes her sound like trailer trash. At least these words can make for good drinking games!

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It’s her “folksy” way of referring to the average hardworking Joe.

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I think hearing her Orwellian use of the word ”choicewhile avoiding questions about working to deny that very choice to anyone else is just creepy.

I do like the term ”Caribou Barbie”, though. I think it’s pretty descriptive, but Mattel may not like it.

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my friends

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Bail out, mortgage meltdown, credit crisis.

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“fundamentals… economy…basically sound”

“suspend my campaign”

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I wonder who identifies with Joe Sixpack? I wonder what they think when they hear their moniker invoked? Isn’t it a modern way of saying redneck? Or have I got the crowd wrong? I’m thinking NASCAR loving Southerners who are barely making it. Perhaps one step above trailer trash? I don’t know.

Maybe it’s the workout crowd? (sixpack abs?)

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Oh how I hate that word.

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@daloon: Above trailer trash? That just sounds so exactly like redneck trailer trash joe-bubba to me.

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Bri, you’re a real wise-ass sometimes. :^>

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I think of ‘Joe Sixpack’ and a guy with a big beer belly and a sixpack of beer. You’re average ‘working Joe’. Not anyone she’d appeal too. lol

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hehe. thanks. Thats what happens when I answer to early in the morning.

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It’s something other people call you. It’s not something you call yourself. And now it’s not even something other people can call you.

Also: nucular, and anything in Palin’s accent. I shuddered through half of that debate.

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Oh, I hate to tell you, but I heard it on NPR (so it must be true?) that there is at least one dictionary that says that is acceptable pronuciation. I don’t remember which dictionary it is. But it is very lamentable that that dictionary caved.

Apparently there is some physical reason why people either can or can not say the kl sound.

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@Bri: Oh, I guess it is early. Damn. :^>

Ok, the only thing I’d like to hear Palin say just once is “Fro Yo” as in frozen yogurt. I just think that’d sound hilarious coming out of her mouth. Then I’d like her to never speak publicly again. :^>

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@rawpixels, Can I get back to you on that? I’ll find a list and get it to ya.

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If Joey Six Pack actually does exist, I’m pretty sure he thinks Palin is talking about someone else. To me the phrase is condescending and elitist.

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I think Homer Simpson upped the ante on Joe Sixpack…a few seasons back he called himself a regular “Joe Twelve Pack”. More in keeping with today’s America, don’t you think?

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@Dalepetrie, maybe they should take it even further and say “Joe Pony-Keg.” That should get the point across!

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Hey, I’m “Joe Stocked Liquor Cabinet”

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@Dalepetrie – Brilliant!!

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@Dale: Really? I’m on my way over. I can fix that.

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You forgot (in addition to the ones others posted):

Pitbull with lipstick
Taken on the big oil companies
My son with Down’s Syndrom
Taaaaaad (translation = Todd, with an accent straight outta the movie Fargo)

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Empress…sounds like a party.

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Out of the box.
Working hard or hardly working
Can I take a rain check.

… Just about anything that is a cliché. If people don’t have the time or care enough to put forth the thought to have an original conversation with me then I don’t have time to listen.

…man, I’m kinda bitter today.

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@iJimmy – hehe. My wife just said “woah, looks like we have bitter bri here today”

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Maybe the way she pronounces things should be
pardoned. Unless you want everyone in Idaho to shape up. (Assuming
she learned to speak where she was raised.)

Forgive me. I was discouraged last night too. These jokes about her are
making me feel a lot better.

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I am sick of the way McCheney… (uhm uhm I mean McCain) is always saying , “My Friends…..”

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From my brother when leaving room and holding door shut: Oooppsss. I farted.

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I can’t remember which dictionary either, but I know what you’re talking about!

So what I learned in linguistics class about the word ‘nuclear’ is that it’s not that it’s impossible to say it. People who say it don’t have a speech impediment or anything. It’s just harder than some other words, for everyone.

It has to do with what phonology and phonetics. If you think about making the /k/ sound and the /l/ sound, they are in different parts of your mouth. To put it simply, the k is in the back, and the l is closer to the front, so it’s hard for people to shift from back to front quickly. For this reason, they will insert a syllable in between. Perhaps it started out as a “mistake” but it’s easier to say, so other people start saying it, and it just becomes accepted. This is a very common way for word pronunciation to change over time (think about Old English and the language of Canterbury tales)

“Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soote / The droghte of March hath perced to the roote / And bathed every veyne in swich licour”

But that does not change the fact that there is an accepted pronunciation, and “nukular” is NOT IT. It’s still annoying, right?

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and change

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“team of mavericks”

Oxymoron anyone?

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Well I’ll agree with the moron part.

ba dum bum

thank you…I’ll be here all week!

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Joe Sixpack.

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I do-not want to hear I BELIEVE anymore!
I want to hear
I know, this will, I will , We are, etc..etc…

I believe i’m sick of uncertainties

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Main Street America….It doesn’t mean what Gov Palin yhinks it does. Main Street in my town is lined with high-rises, banks and office buildings, and the Convention Center parking lot.

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The best Main Street of all!

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@ tinyfaery – are you kidding? look at all the homeless!

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Homeless? They are waiting for a parade in an orderly fashion. Daily parades! Come on. Best Main Street EVER!!!

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Ohhh, THAT’s the mainstreet Palin was talking about!! The one at Disneyland!!! It’s all becoming clear now!

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Ah, there you go. Now I am down for that!

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@susanc, not everyone in Idaho is so nasally or leads their speech with their bottom teeth. It’s just creepy.

I wasn’t discouraged last night. I thought Biden did really well. Palin dodged and dodged and dodge. She’s not very skillful at it either. It’s clear she had things she wanted to say regardless of what was asked and she couldn’t even manage to seque into any of them.

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We should start calling Palin the artful dodger.

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Just a question, but do they still sell beer in six packs? I thought they came in 12 packs now? I don’t drink anymore so I don’t know for sure. Am I out of touch or is she?

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BTW is Joe 6-pack a compliment or an insult. Does she think the average American has a beer-belly or great abs?

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@galileogirl ive been wondering that myself. Id love to hear the answer from her. “Wellll ummmmm actually i dont want to talk about that, lets talk about energy instead ok?”

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You can still get beer in 6 packs…I don’t drink beer, but I do drink liquor and wine so I visit liquor stores every now and again, and yes, you can get six packs in cans, bottles, and in some places, you can even mix and match imports and get 6 different beers.

And I think Joe Sixpack is one of those things not necessarily in and of itself MEANT to be derogatory, it’s just indicative of your everyman….that guy who’d rather come home and crack open a beer than pour a glass of wine. Us liberal elite types can certainly use it in a derogatory manner, to refer to the slob who sits there and watches football all weekend with the mustard stained wife-beater, ande your folksy types are more likely to mean “regular folk, just like you and me.”

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