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What are the TOP THREE things you DISLIKE about going to the movies?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) October 6th, 2008
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people talking, people talking loudly and people coming in late and then talking…:-)

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1) the cost of a friggin’ movie ticket these days… yikes!

2) theatres that haven’t yet discovered stadium seating.

3) the rude son-of-a-biscuitshooter that talks through the whole movie!

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Confused people that think the movie theater is an extension of their living room. They talk throughout the movie and put their feet up on the seat in front of them.

People that don’t bother to turn off their cell phones.

Seeing children as young as 5 taken to “R” rated movies by their parents. C’mon folks, spring for a babysitter!

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The sticky floors.

The annoying talkers.

The price of a bag of popcorn.

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With me it’s 1. the talkers, 2. the dirty, slow, brain dead people who sometimes serve me the food and 3. the mobs when there’s a hit movie showing. A fourth one would be the occasional “laser pointer” guy.

I think if movies came out on dvd or pay-per-view as soon as they came out to theaters, hardly anyone would go to the theater. The benefit of the wide screen no longer outweighs the negatives, especially with larger and larger televisions and elaborate sound systems.

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$3.00 bottles of water, kids kicking the back of my seat and sticky floors.

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Closed circuit TV cameras that record you trying to sneak in, through the exit doors.

No balconies to pour vegetable soup from (while you make vomiting noises).

Parents who complain to the police that you smacked them and yelled, “Shut up!” when they were the ones who brought their infants in with them (and who scream and cry through the entire movie).

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Hearing a movie that I’m not even watching, people thinking they are funny and feel the need to give their comments throughout the movie, seats that don’t lean back.

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1. The price of the popcorn and soda
2. the people who talk
3. People who don’t turn off their phones

Lurve to poofandmook “don’t turn off their phones”

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1. Cost of ticket and food.
2. People who bring their babies.
2a. People who don’t take their babies out of the theater when they start crying because “oh, she’ll stop in a moment.” No, she won’t.
3. People who make noise—talking, leaving phones on, or CHECKING phones by lighting them up like a flashlight, it’s visually loud.

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Lurve to poofandmook for “son-of-a-biscuitshooter”

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1.) Overpriced everything
2.) Annoying people (talking, kicking your seat, etc.)
3.) Interminable previews (seriously, 30 minutes of previews these days? AND commercials, too? Ugh.)

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Overprices, Cell phone lights from people texting, Talking

but I also hate those chairs…ugh! So uncomfortable.

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overpriced movie – here’s last time i went it was $11.

people wrinkling wrappers, chewing, eating, passing food.

people looking at cell phones while the movie’s on.

1/2 hour of previews and commercials – enough already!

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1. The price. Seriously, I could afford several lobotomies for the money I spend at movie theaters in a given year. And I hardly ever go to the movies.
2. The badness of most movies. If I am shelling out upwards of 13 dollars just on a ticket, this had better be some freaking good cinema. But it almost always isn’t, and then you’re poor, and you’ve wasted five hours after travel and previews are factored in. I could write a novel or get a job. WTF.
3. The fact that I know, no matter how many people vomit in my vicinity, or spill soda on me, or how sticky the floor is, that I will return to the movies again and again, whoring myself out to hollywood in a desperate (and generally failed) attempt to enjoy myself for a few hours.

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Other people. Ticket prices. And… um… That’s it. I only have two.

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people talking (on the phone, to each other…what did they say?)

people comming in late or getting up durning the movie to use the bathroom, or getting something to eat or drink.

not sitting where I want to sit.

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not enough leg room
ppl with kids that shouldn’t be in a movie
seats too close together

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The dirty bathrooms is another one.

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1. Disgusting Seats. No matter how much they get washed you know someone’s body grease and sweat is still embedded in them. (I’m a clean freak)
2. Bro’s and Bro Ho’s that are always talking. (I once witnessed two dumbasses try to start a fight from across the theater in the middle of a movie.)
3. Expensive Food.

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1. The chick sitting behind me last night who would not stop digging in her noisy plastic bag.
2. The same chick who would cough in the back of my head.
3. The same chick who would laugh louder than the movie.

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i only go to new theaters….big, comfy seats, great sound, clean bathrooms, no sticky floors.

The theatres make the most profit on popcorn and soda.

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the seats too close together, the movie people dictating the sound in the theater. the movie bigger then the screen

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1. the price of the tickets and the food! and the choices of food and drinks.
2. the volume of the movie and all the commercials before hand.
3. not turning the lights up after the movie so people can see to get out.

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1. High price and low quality for movie food—like popcorn.
2. Dirty bathrooms.
3. Places that haven’t changed over to “dating seats” yet.

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For me, lately reason number 4, the movie.

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lol thanks Bri

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i recently found a movie theatre by my house that you have to be atleast 6 to even go in and 18 to go in without an adult no matter what. GREASTEST PLACE EVER

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@uber WHERE is that? It sounds like a dreamworld.

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Its called The Ritz its in Voorhees NJ. They play a lot of Indie/foriegn films there as well which is really cool. When you walk into the theatre theres a big lounge with leather chairs and tables(resembles a book shop) and a lot of people just go there to hang out/read. Their seats in the theatre are sooooooo comfy.^_^

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I forgot uberbatman is from New Jersey!! Yay!! I have access to this wonderful place!

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I hate it when the movie is out of alignment with the screen or the volume is off. You would think that’s the LEAST they could check at the start of each movie?

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And isn’t it AMAZING how some people just talk during the movie? Like it was nothing.

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I hate that if i have to get up and go to the bathroom i have to wait for a seemingly boring part of the movie and the run as fast as i can, and then bolt back hoping i missed nothing. Instead of at home where its just like allllllll righty gonna pause this movie and go potty.

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@ uberbatman – lurve

and I am always just opening the door from coming back when explosion or laughter or OH! or Scream or what ever.

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I remember I went to the movies with a friend and he had to go to the bathroom and when he came back he started to ask me what happened and I shhhed him and after the movie was over then I told him what happened, very rude to talk while the movie is on.

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1. Movie tickets are way overpriced.
2. Reshreshments are ridiculously overpriced.
3. Theatres are very cold inside. A little too much air conditioning.

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good one bluefreedom

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Thanks, Hammer!

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