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What happens to all the carcasses left over from commercial meat packing?

Asked by timothykinney (2743points) October 7th, 2008

If you think about how much of the animal we aren’t interested in eating on a plate (or even in a McNugget), there is a lot that has to be disposed of. Where does it all go? Any idea what kind of annual volume this is?

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It’s called vienna weiners. j/k

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“Today’s topic is meat meal. It’s a common ingredient in dry pet foods, where it might be labeled “meat meal” or “meat by-product meal.”

It’s made at rendering plants, where animal carcasses are cooked in vats at very high temperatures. The grease is skimmed off (and added back in later, as fat), and what’s left is dehydrated until it’s a dry product. Then, the rendering plant ships the meal to brokers, who sell it to pet food manufacturers, who mix it with other ingredients, package it, and send it off to your food bowl.”

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gotta love a good weenie!

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it’s not the reason i stopped eating meat, but it’s a nice bonus

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Taco Bell. The food is on level with dog food as far as health goes. But I still love it :D

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Tim, ewwww. What inspired you to ask this question? Literally, I read the question, and then I thought, ewwww, what weird person asked this?

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i think it’s a pretty normal question really, why is it in any way weird ? i think it’s weirder that YOU think it’s weird, i mean, it’s the same question as “where do batteries go when you bring them to the recycling station?” only involving meat, dead animals, you know, what ends up on your plate ;)

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I never said I thought it was a weird question. I said I thought Tim was a weird person. And he is.

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I find it amusing that some people who think eating roadkill is a backwards activity are still eating animals that are fed on roadkill.

It’s quite a world we live in. Good luck, all of you.

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Do you? Do you stay awake thinking about how amusing it is? Is that what you’re doing over there at your house right now?

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