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What would you do with your political candidate action figures?

Asked by cyndyh (7588points) October 9th, 2008

If all major political candidates were available as action figures which ones would you want? What would you have them do or say? What would you do to them? You don’t have to limit yourself to the current national candidates. Have fun with this one.

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I’d probably dig out my old Power Rangers action figures and make some customized Mighty Morphin’ Politico Rangers action figures.

And then sell then on eBay. $$$

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I would have Obama and McCain. And Michelle and Cindy. And Palin. And maybe a few others. And I would make a webcomic with them.

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I think I’d do this to them and see who comes out as good as Chuck Norris

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Uh oh! It’s time for Kung fu action Obama to save Bizzaro World!

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Film my own Robot Chicken.

Oh, look… I can get political action figures online.

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apologies in advance as this is a low blow, but it’s meant in fun.

Would the McCain one have arms that only raised to chest level?

Actually, I never played with action figures even as a child. I would however buy one of George W. Bush if I could pose it with its head up its ass (I’m into realism).

again…all meant in fun…

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Can i get rock em sock em robots but with obama and mccain?

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Palin would be a winking doll that would come with a wolf and a rifle and she would say “gee golly I just got my first kill of the season”.

Obama would be a talking doll that says “we need change” over and over every time you pulled his string.

McCain would be dressed in a Navy uniform holding a big cigar giving the thumbs up while his arm was wrapped around a blood pressure machine.

Biden can be just any old Ken doll made by Mattel

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pull the string in palin’s back and hear “wonder woman!” from the 1970s version of a saturday morning show featuring “wonder woman.” palin looks just like her.

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Burn them in effigy. Stick pins in them, while chanting obscenities.

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I’d want ALL of them. And I’d play Jerry Springer with them. ...I used to do that with Beanie Babies when I was a kid. Shut up, it was fun! There were all kinds of inter-species scandals.

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You guys are great.

I think Palin’s doll would say something random when you pull the string and wink.
McCain would keep saying “my friends” followed by blah blah blah and that horrible laugh.

First my Cindy McCain action figure would take out a big life insurance policy on John. :^>

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I’ve never had an action figure, but if someone were to give me one,
I’d prefer a Palin Doll.
Not a supporter, but she is definitely the easiest on my eyes.
As to what it might do, I’ll have to plead the 5th.

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@jvgr you mean this kind of Palin Doll?

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Is that for real uber? I didn’t leave it open very long. Very funny, in a sick sort of way.

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uberbatman: ”@jvgr you mean this kind of Palin Doll?”

Well, my thinking hadn’t made it that far along the production line…

I suggested, elsewhere, that we should privatize the elected part of the government, at least they’d be faster to respond. Wonder when that hit the shelves (probably not much after her debut)

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If it was Obama I would set in on fire then film thta for YouTube.

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