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What would you do if you were elected president of the United States?

Asked by AstroChuck (37660points) October 19th, 2008

Unlike Bush, you are bound by the constitution. You have inherited quite a lot from the previous administration. It’s just after noon on 20 January 2009; time to get to work. Now what?

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Step 1: Sweep out pretty much everybody from the Bush administration, and install my own picks: The smartest people I can find, perhaps some from this very site.
Step 2: Get to work ending the war.
After that…figure out a way out of this financial mess. We’ll have much more money, since we won’t be spending it on Iraq.

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i would make high school mandatory. its good to go off into the world with at least some form of education.

oh, and separation of church and state all the way.

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Resign to make room for someone more qualified.

That and forgive all outstanding college loan debt for completers…

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Ask for one serious fucking recount!

Seriously though, I’d have an extremely similar agenda as Obama, but I’d go a bit more radical left about it.

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I would eat cake.

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cliche answer in

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1. Get the troops out of Iraq
2. Use the oil revenue from Iraq to pay for our expenses
3. Legalize Marijuana and tax it to pay off debt
4. Close our borders and enforce the law when it comes to illegal immigration
5. Impose an across the board tax cut for everyone who pays taxes
6. Make Ron Paul Secretary of State
7. Stop sending aid to countries like Egypt
8. End all forms of affirmative action
9. Have Pearl Jam play in the White House
10. Declare that the NY Yankees are America’s team :)

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1) Initiate a campaign to provide health insurance under a single, comprehensive plan to every person in this country.

2) Pull troops out of Iraq, and work to change our foreign policy to one that is based on understanding of the history and cultures we are dealing with.

3) Implement the Baby College approach, where appropriate, across the nation in order to dramatically improve children’s readiness for and success in school.

4) Open our borders and tear down all the fences. Welcome the highly motivated from elsewhere to our country. Start training them for the care jobs we will increasingly need to fill as the baby boomers grow decrepid.

5) End agriculture subsidies to industrial farms. Create incentives for organic farming and local food consumption.

6) Create incentives for alternative energy that does not deplete natural resources (including nuclear). Over four years, gradually increase the gasoline tax to $3,50 per gallon, and then index the tax to inflation. Let the market place respond with energy efficient cars and homes, etc.

7) Revise the Alternative Minimum Tax so that it only hits 2% of the population, and index it so that it stays as a watchdog on the top 2% of earners. (I might consider higher percentages, but I’d have to see the numbers first).

8) Strenthen environment protection measures. Eliminate exemptions for old, dirty power plants, but also provide incentives to become efficient.

9) Enhance community autonomy in any way I can, without breaking other laws.

10) Recruit religious leaders to join in our efforts, and to use their charitable support to support as many of our programs as they can.

11) Appoint Supreme Court Justices who understand the the Constitution is a living, changing thing. It is meant to help us live better lives, not apply 18th century thinking to 21st century problems.

12) Overhaul the FBI and the CIA. Make sure they hire more creative thinkers, and fewer religioius zealots. Help them realize their job is to protect this country, not attack it.

13) Declare that we have won the so-called “war” on terror, and turn the efforts to keep us safe back to the overhauled CIA and FBI.

14) As a national defense measure, make the Philadelphia Eagles the Nation’s team, and do whatever cost neutral things I can to get them a Super Bowl win!

Hmmm. Is that enough?

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1. Start by bringing in the best and brightest of our country to help fix our own country.
2. Make sure our soldiers get every single damn thing they and their families need taken care of (if possible at the expense of those greedy corporate execects)
3. Healthcare and lots of it.
4. Energy Innovation project run through colleges and business with incentives
5. jobs. fricken jobs. figure out how to keep them.
6. make the gov. accountable. mess with the pres. you get it aired out boys and I am not afraid to air mine out.
7. Foreign policy – fix it. we are friends first. Clean slate. you want to hate? talk to the guy who wronged you. Lets you and I be friends.

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1) Give myself a raise
2) Initially mishandle a national crisis
3) Exploit national crisis
4) Mislead the world
5) Mishandle a war
6) Mishandle another national crisis
7) Continue to mishandle a war
8) Mishandle one more national crisis
9) Retire

No, on second thought, that feels like it’s been done before.

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EDIT: 8. The Green Bay Packers are obviously America’s team as they are the only franchise owned by the people!

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You can fight it out with the Cowboys to be America’s team. The Eagles will be the Nation’s team!

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Cowboy’s = $ = Root of America’s problem

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Immediately initiate talks with China for the purpose of setting up re-training facilities that would accommodate the religious right (which is the greater part of the republican party) in order to rearrange their thinking so that when they came out, the concept of separation of church and state would be strong.

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Every Third week, brief addresses to the country on what is going on.

My VP would have weekly meetings with the youngest most open leaders of BOTH parties in congress about working together.

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