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Gift ideas for a man that doesn't want anything or need anything?

Asked by acebamboo77 (717points) October 30th, 2008

So, my guy, he’s amazing, and I know him as well if not better than I know myself. However, I have been faced with what to get him for christmas and I have NO ideas. He’s not a material person so getting him clothing, cds, jewelry etc is out of the question.
My personal opinion of the classic sexy lingerie is just too cliche.
So, what do I get a guy that needs nothing,and wants nothing?
Ladies – u been in this situation before, what did you do?
Men – can you relate to that kind of guy, if so what would you suggest. what are some gifts every man loves?

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What about an experience instead of a possession? A trip to a spa, a camping weekend, something like that?

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That or some kind of vacation.

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hi lb I know u said no clothing but there is nothing like a nice tie, is something he will never forget, a tie is way too special cuz sooner or later you have to use it, the best u can do afterwards, give him a han with the knot :) in the morning after breakfast

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well, i live in canada.. so a camping weekend would have to be postponed until summertime
as for spa… or the tie idea, i should have mentioned that he is not only low maintenance but also a trades worker… so he doesnt really have any reason to have a collection of ties other that special occassions.

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Get him some kind of “experience” gift (as pupntaco recommends). Sports tickets, concert tickets, a recreational flight of some kind, a lesson in a sport or hobby that interests him. If cost is a concern, then maybe plan a hike and pack a lunch, etc.

Also, high end beer, such as a reserve bottle of Chimay.

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What about really great pictures of you?

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kevbo- thats the problem i face, he doesnt like sports, and he has a fear of large crowds so concerts are out of the question. his hobbies include smoking dope, and listening to music, and doing thiings country kids do – mudding, quadding, snowmobiling, etc… but u cant really turn that into a gift

@ alfreda – the thought crossed my mind, but i thought it was sort of conceded maybe even weird…. i dunno… im not shooting down the idea, i just dont know how id pull that off smoothly

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See if you can get him to go shopping with you. Pretend like you want to go to the mall and buy something for yourself. Use this opportunity to see if he finds something that he pays attention too.

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Might I also suggest the standard giftcard/money option.

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Something thoughtful and unique that the thought of the gift will mean more to him han actually what it is. Maybe a mixed cd, or write a corny poem or something. Little scrapbook or painting.. stuff of that nature.

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Get him something his friends will be jealous of.

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generalspecific- painting him something never occurred to me, and its usually my first go to choice. perhaps a collaboration of my writings and my art?
@hoosier- his friends are my friends…. we hang out with the same people the only thing his friends would be jealous of would be a case of beer lol

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What about a ride in a hot air balloon? You can buy the tickets in the winter and take the ride in the spring. It can be a little pricey, though.

Or maybe a special, fancy dinner. He may not like material things, but he probably appreciates a great meal.

I also like general’s idea – something from the heart is great and inexpensive.

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i have a good idea as a gift for both of you. throw a party. invite all your friends and family to a ritz carlton, have his favorite music playing in the background, have all sorts of drinks, maybe an open bar. this would be a gift from you to him and from him to you. its also a christmas gift from the both of you to all the people invited. it saves a lot of shopping for specific gifts for all your friends.

i also like generalspecific’s idea of a painting.

oh, another one: find a genealogist and trace his ancestors as far back as you can. that shows that you’re very interested in his life and that you are willing to spend every christmas with him/his family no matter how screwed up his family is (every family has its downsides).

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@zack- the party idea wont really work, for a couple reasons
1) we live in the middle of nowhere, the closest large city is an hour away.
2) having a party is no different than any other weekend
3) its quite costly, and im a student
40 it would be difficult to plan because im 500km away from home
and he actually had his ancestory traced back to its earliest roots last winter, its funny that you mentioned that.

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If you have the money, go for the vaporizer like buster said. Id be ecstatic if i got that ^_^

Otherwise i was going to say just buy him an ounce of some really good bud.

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im contemplating the vaporizer.. even tho its pricey, itd definitely be worth it….
as for the good bud, i dont think i can get bud any better than the stuff he already has :S

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lacerbabe99 you know as well as i do, you can never have to much :P but i definitely think if you can drop the money on a volcano do it. Its the greatest smoking experience ever.

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touche uberbatman, touche!

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What kind of music does he like? Maybe you could get him some concert DVD’s of his favorite bands. A few years back I got my husband a turn table. We have had a lot of fun together searching for old vinyl records.

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A really nice hookah

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Okay, I just had an idea, give me your thoughts.
I write him an email every night, it’s always about what ever I want it to be about, and the subject varies from philosophies to random ramblings on how i could make a time machine out of an octopus and a cowboy. He reads them in the morning before he goes to work. He says they make him feel closer to me, even though I’m 500km away.

As I sat to write tonight’s email it dawned on me, why not write him a notebook. Just a compilation of scraps of writing, sketches etc etc… perhaps with little surprises in the pages where they apply…

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sounds like a great idea

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This way I can include art, rantings, even pockets for burned cds

a scrapbook without the fancy scrapbookign scissors, paper, album and so on!

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You can also use any number of online tools to create a memorable photo scrapbook, plus your writings. It isn’t even that expensive to make. You can be as creative as you want to be.

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do u suggest any sites shilolo?

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The one I’ve used with great success is Shutterfly, but there are others.

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Time. Time to play with you and his toys. Or time to himself.

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do u think three weeks together after not seeing each other for almsot 2 months suffices?

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Something he likes.

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I think the scrapbook is a fantastic idea. I had a girlfriend years ago that gave me a bowl filled with pieces of paper one year. Each piece of paper had written on it one thing about me that she loved. That was easily the most memorable and special gift that anyone has ever given me. I think what you are talking about is in a similar vein and it would probably be very special to him.

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Buster is right on.

The classic Volcano is by far the best vaporizer. At a price of $539.00, it’s fairly expensive but it is really a joy to use.

I’d go with the solid valve myself.

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Does he have any hobbies? Does he play guitar or anything? My husband is also very non-material and likes nothing better than a case of beer and a DVD of one of his favorite movies (John Wayne, what else?)

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My boyfriend and I ride four wheelers all the time. Chest waders are good if he doesn’t have a good pair or a good set of craftsman hand tools because they have a lifetime warranty. Also, depending on what kind of quad he has you can get a gift certificate from the shop where he gets parts. We have yamaha bikes so we go to a yamaha store to order parts. They even have waterproof speakers for bikes that you hook an ipod to. I just get my man tools for every occasion. If you get power tools go with dewalt or ryobi because craftsman power tools suck.

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Make a donation to a favorite charity or cause on his behalf. I’m on the phone right now so I cannot provide a link, but there is a great org. that provides animals like cows, sheep, pigs, etc. for poverty stricken people so that they can have resources and begin agricultural projects.

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@maverick – i may just steal your exs idea… and include little things i like about him
perhaps other ideas of what the pages could contain would be of great help!

i have already started compiling a list of my favorite memories together, songs that remind me of him/times weve spent together, pics.

@skagg- he really doesnt have many hobbies that i can work with, like u said, a case of beerwould make him happy.

@jess turtle – when we ride fourwheelers its usually in barn clothes and and work boots… and neither of us have four wheelers that are worth investing alot of money in.
if it were so, i would definitely get a gift certificate, but since we have mechanics as friends who can get cheap parts and we do all the labor anyways….it doesnt work out.

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@ tinyfaery, id be more likely to donate money to a charity on my own behalf rather than his…. hes one of those ppl that thinks western culture has destroyed societies across the world, and people need to butt out….
i dont share the same view, but it makes for great conversation

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Go hang gliding!

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theres no where near us where hang gliding is available…. we have a skydiving base located at a small airport but its very costly

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Paraphrasing @Stratman… Time to play with you and your toys…

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I’m absolutely in love with the notebook idea!! I think that’s what I’ll do for my bf’s and my one year. We are in a similar situation, as far as the long distance is concerned, and I can’t possibly think of anything more unique and spectacular to give someone. Your SO could read it when missing you became absolutely unbearable, and it would also serve as a refresher of the memory of all the things he loves about you. Lurve to you! :)

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@gyca I don’t know if you read my explanation of him, he isn’t a material guy at all. He wouldn’y use the software, and as for the mp4 player.. he doesnt even own an mp3 player.

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Does he view christmas as a important event? Maybe you are doing enough for him throughout the year. I don’t ask for anything before christmas, or birthday.

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AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA, I too feel the same way, and usually tell people not to worry about gifts, only because theres nothing I need or want, and see no need.
That being said, I do feel its necessary to get him something for christmas, since its our first christmas together.

by the way, i have been working on the scrapbook/notebook idea, since it came up, and it is coming along very nicely. I’ve included photos of us together, clip outs from magazines that are relevent to us for some reason or another, song lyrics from our favorite songs, little letters/notes written to him, I’ve even thrown in some provocative material, and of course my theoretical ramblings that he loves reading so much

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Cool! That sounds like a great gift! Making is alot better than buying.

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