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McCain supporters: if Obama wins, what will you do?

Asked by PupnTaco (13865points) November 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Move to Canada? Join a paramilitary cult? March on Washington? Have some good bitching material for the next four years? Send a pledge donation to Bill O’Reilly?

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I’ll remember that there is life after politics and I won’t let this election and whatever new president we get dictate or change how I think or exist on a day to day basis. I’ll look out for me and mine like I always have and I’ll try to make the very best out of each and every day that I have.

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I had a really smart ass answer all ready and then I read your post BF. Though I’m sure we are opposites as to our political affiliation and ideas, I was humbled by your answer. Nice one, Lurve!

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Seriously, I will be open minded and will continue to express my views to my congress-people and letters to the press and to the President himself. A man has beliefs, but they are subject to change.

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I will hope that Obama turns out to be as wonderful as people think that he is….

….and what BlueFreedom said.

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@SoapChef. Thanks much for the kind words and I’d still like to hear your answer. :o)

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If he wins, I won’t vote for him in the next election. (the first one I’ll ever vote in!!!!!)

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Quoted from someone on LiveJournal:

Now, I understand it when Obama supporters say that they’re moving to Canada if McCain wins. But I really don’t get it when McCain supporters say they’re going to move to Canada if Obama wins. Umm…Canada has socialized health care, heavy gun control, and supports gay marriage…what the hell are they going to like about it?

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@MacBean LOL!

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BF You are most welcome. I best keep this one to myself. :0)

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@MacBean: Metaquotes! You read Metaquotes! Lurve!!

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Little do you know but canadians with money always come to the u.s. for health care. They tell me if they waited for the canadian health system they would be dead before the dr. saw them.

As for McCain losing, according to mainstream media that race was decided long ago. They told us in no uncertain terms who they supported. 2007/2008 marks the death of major media and quality reporting. What ever happened to gentlemen like Walter Cronkite and William Buckley? At least they tried to seem impartial.

As an independent voter I guess I am the guy the candidates have been stumping for this past week. I still have not made up my mind.

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@EmpressPixie – I love Metaquotes. Sometimes it really makes my day. Did you see this one the other day? Win!

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Thanks, critter! :o)

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Nice one Blue!

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mstar: William Buckley was as committed to one far edge of the political spectrum as he could possibly manage to be. What are you saying here?
granted he was exquisitely elegant and articulate

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Thanks, Bri! :o)

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