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What are great outdoor/teambuilding games/activities for a retreat?

Asked by youriss (2points) August 20th, 2007


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what about hosting your own" survivor" challenge?

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I know a lot of great games for kids, but not as many if they are for "adults" at a work retreat. How old are the members of your group?

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On youriss's behalf (coworker), they are adults who don't mind acting like children...

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Paintball is always great for adults, Whitewater rafting can be an exciting and bonding event for everyone involved. Anything that gets the heart pumping and creates a strong memory will bond a group in one way or another.

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I heard but have not participated in an exercise where each person gets a ballon and writes, with a marker, all the things that he or she dislikes about his or her current situation be that work issues or family and relationship challenges. Each member is encouraged to talk about each of the things on their balloons, once they are done venting each participant is then asked to let go of the ballon and watch it at if flies away, assuming you had helium balloons or just watch it fly in the air and hit the floor as loses air. Cheers!

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