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What is your favorite thing about your significant other?

Asked by sfortunata (395points) November 5th, 2008

It could be anything at all.

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He is always pretty mellow, I don’t think I have ever really seen him angry, and we have been together for about 5 years now.

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He only weighs 12 lbs, disappears for much of the day, has simple dietary needs, is happy to drink out of the toilet, keeps me warm at night and never has morning breath.

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@gail: Milo does toilet water? Woow…

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@Sue; He is fastidious. He waits patiently until I flush; there is something about the sound of running water. Sometimes I walk in and see this black and white butt and black tail pointing towards the ceiling. And he never leaves the seat up.

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Ummm…back to the Q at hand…Stability. Functionality. Reality. Passion. Good tits. Throw all up in the air and how ever they come down that is my favorite thing in that order.

dear god ifyoucan make tits come down first I promise I will go to church (UU to be sure) next week?

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A seat down cat is to be clamored for.

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Smart, loving, smart, cute, smart, knows how to cook eggs the way I like, smart, good financial sense, smart, and beautiful long hair. And smart.

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Her indomitable spirit.

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She’s even more adventurous than me.

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He’s funny.

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When I wake up after we’ve spent the night together, he showers me kisses. Also, he has the most wonderful laugh. Also, he has this way of looking at me that takes my breath away. Well, damn near everything about him is awesome.

Oh, and this one time he said said he would think I was still beautiful even if a spider ate my face

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the little things.

hes really far away most of the time, but he makes it not so bad.

he sprays my pillow with his cologne and “forgets” things when he leaves after his visits..
he leaves cute comments on my myspace..
proofreads my homework for english ;)
kisses me on the forehead..
(even when im wrong)
remembers my sub at subway..
buys me little stupid stuff that reminds him of me..
sleeps with the stuffed penguin that i got him!
(loves to cuddle!)

hes just so cute and never fails to impress me.
hes unlike any guy I’ve ever dated!

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and he laughs at me constantly.

even when my jokes are bad and my stories are boring!

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He’s one of the few people in the range of my age that can carry on an extremely educated and mature conversation with me without falling behind, or intimidating me. Despite his utter brilliance, he takes the time to teach me the things I want to learn, never getting impatient or flustered. He calls me beautiful instead of hot. He accepts every aspect of me, the favorable, the imperfections, and the many skeletons I have without judging me and never allowing any of these things to prevent him from incessantly seeing me as perfect although I beg to differ. He can actually dress himself in clothes that match and look amazing without the help of a woman. He writes deep and insightful poems for me. Although we’re in an long distance relationship (he in college in a whole other time zone, and me at boarding school), he still refuses to even throw a flirtatious glance at another girl. He has an excellent relationship with my mom. He accepts the fact that my best friend is a boy without displaying any jealousy. And lastly, he smells really really good. ;)

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Smartest man I’ve ever known. Big and imposing enough to make me feel small and safe. Despite being big and imposing, I’ve seen him cry a number of times. He loves and cherishes me, in a way I’ve never known before. The way he finds me and murmurs contentedly in his sleep when I finally come to bed. The fact that he kisses me goodbye every morning, even though I am still asleep. He is a wonderful step-father to my girls and a wonderful dad to his boys. His sense of honor. His scratchy beard. His muscled legs…Mmmm, muscled legs. Ok, gotta’ go now!

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I could start an infinite list of things I love about my beautiful wife; to pick one is difficult. But at this moment in time I’d have to say that foremost in my mind is all the hard work she does for our little family. She has 2 jobs and goes to school. Sure she is doing it for herself as well, but her dedication to our future is one of the reasons she makes me feel so safe and loved. Now I’m all teary.

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his smile his eyes the way he walks those examples that make no sense all the stupid things he’s done gosh I just love everything about him…

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She is the smartest most talented person I have ever known in my life. She is good at everything she tries.

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She is very intelligent.
She is a great communicator.
She is understanding, compassionate, and forgiving.
She is very generous.
She is beautiful both inside and out.
She believes in me.
She makes the most out of each and every day.
She’s respectful of others thoughts and opinions.
She agrees to disagree when we debate.
She’s always there for me.
She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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My favorite thing about her is that, despite it all, she still truly believes in a storybook notion like unconditional love. She knows what it means and she lives it every day. It’s as simple as that.

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He’s my best friend, and confident. I tell everything to him. He’s the first person i talk to in the morning and the last one i talk to at night. We’ve known for 8 years that we’re supposed to be together. That our combined love of baseball, football, beer and pickles makes conversations and events always fun. He lets me be me without losing us.

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We’re passionate about the same things, but differ enough that we don’t get bored and can always strike up a fun, intellectual argument. Err.. discussion.

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She’s laid back, no drama. She’s funny, and smart, and compassionate. She’s a much nicer person than I. She has an incredible work ethic, she’s competent, and intelligent. She likes travel and adventure as much as I do. She puts up with my moodiness, my cynicism, my silliness, and my poor attempts at humor. We fit perfectly.

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She is so conscientious and informed about everything she does.

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Even though I know I’m not prefect (not even close) she thinks I am , so that makes me try to be the best person I can be.

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He’s witty. That kind of grabs the fun and smart and rolls it all into one.

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My beau is strong, adventurous, and resourceful; he is the first man I have ever felt safe with… as in surviving-a-major-disaster safe. Being with him has given me the courage to try new things that I always wanted to, but was afraid of. And he’s been very patient with me in the process.

He is intuitive and introspective; he has chosen to make major changes in his life that I have seen lesser men fail at or refuse to even try. He faces his responsibilities head on, and is willing to admit when he doesn’t have all the answers. He even reads instruction manuals!

He is smarter than he gives himself credit for, and also has a wonderful imagination. His sense of humor clicks with mine, and I have laughed more with him than I have since I was very young.

He is very affectionate and gives the best hugs. He is amazingly attentive to me… he seems to take note of things that I’ve forgotten about, until he somehow finds a way to address it later on. He is also very tender when he cares for all his critters.

He has a sense of self-worth that is unflappable; which has shown me new ways to think about myself, and how I conduct myself. I had worked hard to overcome low self-esteem from childhood abuse and thought I was doing pretty well, but I now realize that I have quite a way to go.

He is not perfect, and is actively working to improve the areas with which he is not satisfied. He has accepted that I am not perfect, and together we have worked to build a better relationship and not just repeat the same mistakes we made with our previous partners.

The best part about my Sweetie is that he does all this by just being himself… he is not seeking praise or adulation. I often feel very inadequate by comparison, and when I express that, he usually reassures me by telling me that he loves me the way that I am.

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His eyes and the many ways he looks at me.
By the way, reading everyones answers made me so overjoyed and sappy, I am so happy for everyone.

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We are, indeed, a lucky bunch!

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My favorite thing about my significant other is that she emobodies beauty and grace on every level that we have shared. I didn’t know a person could be so beautiful.

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His laugh, I think. Tons and tons of little things, too.

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Her heart. I have never met a sweeter or kinder person. She is an earthbound angel. I love her more everyday. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have won her heart.

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Her deep desire to please me, not just sexually, though she goes to great lengths at learning to do that, but in every area. I find that her desire to please me mirrors my own desire to please her. If she asked me to paint the world green, I would be at lowe’s buying paint tomorrow, or at least getting information to put together a plan so that I could see it through to the end.

If she is unhappy then to me the whole world has gone wrong, but I do understand the secret knowledge that she doesn’t want me to fix it, but that the world rights itself as I simply listen to her and look in her eyes with concern.

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