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Why do men have nipples?

Asked by glial (2996points) August 23rd, 2007
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Men are capable of lactating. Strange, but true.

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After conception the developing embryo follows a female template. It's only after six to eight weeks that the effect of a gene on the Y chromosome kicks in for boy embryos. This gene stimulates the production and influence of hormones such as testosterone, which 'masculinise' the embryo by altering physical development to form male features.

Nipples, however, are formed before this masculinisation process takes place, and nothing that goes on later reverses this.

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so women can pinch them, really hard!

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I'm answering the question with a question. Do all men's nipples have no sensation, or does it vary? Seems to me I had a few BF's along the way that were sensitive and one that felt nothing at all. Tell me, Mr. Science!
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joli - it depends on the breast tissue surrounding your nipples - for example most built-up guys are likely to not have a sensation on their nipples whereas guys with "man boobs" are more likely to feel the sensation
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I dont have man boobs, but I do have sensitive nipples

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Well, so much for trying to have some light hearted fun….sigh.

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