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Is there a way to scan for viruses from in Mac OS X?

Asked by Hawaiiguy (316points) August 25th, 2007

I think i have some kind of bug, I have norton Anti Virus but it didn’t find anything, I heard you can scan from terminal for a more thorough search. I don’t know terminal that well looking for some guidance…

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I really doubt that a virus is to blame. If you could share some of the symptoms maybe we could start troubleshooting from there.

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My desktop keeps disappearing, and my programs keep stalling, ie.. safari, itunes(that keeps crashing) and i cant actually get Norton to start, keeps quitting?

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Why are you running Norton. That is problem one.

Have your run Onyx or Cocktail lately? and/or repaired permissions?

I promise you don’t have a virus.

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what should I be running? I’m not familiar with onyx or cocktail. Havent changed or repaired permissions.

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Most of us don’t run any anti-virus. There is no need. Never has been.



Choose one of these two applications to run some Unix maintenance on your system.

I personally use Onyx about one ever 3 weeks or so. Under automate check everything and run it. This will clean up your system including repairing permissions.

Cocktail does about the same things; I just prefer Onyx.

Your problems should go away after you restart, which Onyx will prompt you to do.

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will it identify duplicte files? I have a ton as I have backed up to different drives over the years…

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That really isn’t what those applications are for; but I am sure you can look on for an application that does.

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Have you tried creating a new user account? Use that and see if the problem persist. That can help determine if it is a “User” or “System” problem.

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