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What happens when the wishbone breaks evenly?

Asked by derekpcollins (281points) December 1st, 2008

When my brother and I broke the wishbone from our Thanksgiving turkey we ended up with equal length pieces—each end broke off evenly leaving a small “V” from the bottom of the wishbone. So who’s wish is granted? Do both of our wishes come true? Do neither of our wishes come true? Do we have to eat another turkey and have a rematch?

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I would say that both of you get your wishes, but I would also support eating another turkey. Turkey is always delicious.

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I agree… You are both very lucky!

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And it will be much easier on the chef to redo it with a chicken. (whose)

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I believe you both get wishes! What are the chances???

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Both win? really? I always said you both lose.

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I guess both could lose, but that would really suck.
I’m also a really sore loser so I wouldn’t handle that too well.

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Are you and your brother twins? ‘Cuz that would be extra weird/coincidental.

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Its a sign of the apocalypse.

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AAAHHhhhh Apocalypse!!!
* runs in circles *

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I think it means your wishes get half granted.

(not entirely sure what the implications of this would be…)

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You both have to eat another turkey and have a rematch. And here is something

that might help when it is all over with.

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Don’t you people know that this is a *fake?!? There is no scientific evidence, whatsoever, that wishes of any kind get granted, turkey wishbone majority, or not! People, people peoople! Haven’t you learned, yet? There is no Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny don’t hop, and don’t you “say it ain’t so, Joe” me or I’ll have your ears tied in little pink bows! That is, tieing your ears, not putting pink bows on them. Oh never mind!

Don’t you realize that you’re all propagating malicious superstitions with nary a care for the poor, wee, innocent children of the world, some of whom are reading this thread, and will, no doubt, have their minds corrupted ineluctably.

Have you no shame?

Have you no morals?

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What if their wish was to have another turkey?

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It means have another eggnog.

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I’d see a doctor immediately.

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You’re both damned to hell eternally unless one of you can salvage your souls by cooking a meal to make the angels weep.

Or, you know, you slip a coin for the wish.

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Definitely both wishes granted!

I know, Daloon, I have no shame :(

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@omfgTALIjustIMDu: No, we’re not twins, but I agree that would make the situation much more interesting.

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@Empress. A good way to wring a “meal to make the angels weep” out of one’s brother. (Did you see the film, Babette’s Feast?.

That must be one slippery coin.:-)

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it means you should have gotten a Tofurkey

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