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How to get rid of kids colds?

Asked by popcorn (1points) August 31st, 2007


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I don’t think there are much better remedies than lots of water and sleep. And to make sure they stay healthy in the future…emphasize the importance of hand-washing…

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Teach them not to touch their eyes with their hands – but to use their shirt sleeve or arm. Once they have a cold – Airborne, orange juice, and chicken broth! Since rest is most important, make sure that you can give them something to help them be comfortable at night, after checking with your pediatrician, of course.

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Humidifier really helps. Get the biggest one you can find.

And the above suggestions.

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Elevate their head slightly by putting a small pillow under the head of the mattress.
This helps drain the sinus and also will keep them from getting those nasty ear infections.
All my daughter’s cousins had to have drains put in their ears but she didn’t. I’m positive it was this trick that prevented her from the same fate.

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Humidifiers are wonderful, but it is vital that you clean them according to instructions. Old water should not sit inthemfor more than 24 hrs, and there is the weekly cleaning w. bleach (and vinegar if your water is hard.) We used to keep a teakettle simmering on stove; also pots of water on on steam-heated radiators, but of course, it is summer now.

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Some children have a need for more Vitamin C. This was the case with my oldest daughter when she was little. She was always sick, on antibiotics for tonsillitis. A naturopath Dr. perscribed Vit. C, & that worked.

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