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Which brand of shoes are best for someone who is on their feet all day?

Asked by sfortunata (395points) December 7th, 2008

By the end of the day my dogs are barkin’. Any ideas?

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They’re not always the most esthetically appealing ones, but they’ll treat your feet right!

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Dansko shoes!

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Saucony (probably spelled wrong)

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My mom got to work an extra 10 years because of Birkenstocks. They’re not for everyone but they sure worked for her!

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I used to cashier all day, and my feet ached. I never did find a good shoe (but I never tried any of the really expensive ones, because, well, I earned a cashier’s wage). I found that some relatively cheap shoes (like the Dr. Scholl’s ones) did okay as long as they were replaced frequently. My coworkers also recommended Skechers, or Birkenstocks if you can afford them.

It makes a difference if you stand all the time or if you are allowed to walk around. Walking is at least something the feet were meant to do, while standing in one place isn’t – and this distinction should inform the choice of shoes.

The only thing that really helped my feet long-term was getting inserts from a foot doctor. She took a cast of my foot and they made the insert to fit my foot exactly. These worked, not like a charm (because they still hurt), but it was better than anything else because they didn’t hurt so bad or for so long.

After thirteen years of standing, I quit – and that provided the best relief. ;) They still hurt more easily though, and I haven’t cashiered for more than two years. I think they just get broken after you stand for far too long.

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I second Dansko. Most or all of the very successful chefs I know wear them; people that work day and night on their feet.
They’re kinda ugly but who cares.

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Check out Z-Coils. They look goofy but a lot of NM nurses wear them.

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If you need to wear a pump, there is nothing like Hush Puppy. They are in every color, I always had navy, red, grey and 2 black pair. The trick is to never wear the same pair 2 days in a row.

These days I wear Propet, lots of solen not heavy but fairly clunky style although they have a Mary Jane too. Sometimes your feet hurt because you put them on normal feet that swell during the day. Propet has velcro so that you can loosen them quickly

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addendum: Danskos are expensive, but worth it. However, you can also try the shoes on in a regular shoestore and then try to find the same (or a similar) model on ebay for much less money. It has worked for me a couple of times!

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I will also chime in for Dansko.

Not all of the Dansko shoes are the traditional clog. I have two pair of Dansko – style name Madigan. They have the Golden Gate style foot bed.

An orthotic that you can transfer between shoes (as laureth suggests above) might also be an option.

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Second Ecco. Most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

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I work in an ICU. lots of my coworkers wear Danskos. A few wear Birkenstocks, which I love on my summer days off
If your feet hurt, you might have them checked by a podiatrist. Youmight need orthotics. Orthotics saved my feet after I developed plantar fasciitis.

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Crocs. Ugly but comfy.

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I (fourth or fifth) Dansko.

A lot of doctors (surgeons), nurses, restaurant staff and childcare workers wear them. Also try Clark’s. They’re getting a lot more stylish these days. I’ve got a pair you’d never know were ‘comfort’ shoes and I could easily run a marathon in them.

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Maybe not Crocs if you need any support.

How about Keens, all under $100/never wear out. I thought they were miracle shoes when I needed a pair of really warm boots a couple of years ago and then they also felt good on my big wide gnarly feet. Went back and said to the sales guy, “These shoes are perfect for me, the only comfortable shoes, I have to have more.” He: “They’re actually that way for everyone.”

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it should be right in size not by brand!

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I recently purchased some Ahnu mary janes. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. Mion shoes are extremely comfortable, but ugly.

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My sister swears by Clarks, she says they are the most comfortable thing ever. She commutes on the train every day and is on her feet all day with patients so heels is not an option for her during the week. She loves them but says they are pretty pricey but you should spend a little more on your shoe wardrobe since you are on them most of your life.

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SusanC – Good call on the Keen’s! I love mine. They were comfortable from the moment that I put them on and did not require any breaking in. Great shoes!

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Hmmmm. I have never heard of Keen’s. Thanks for posting that….I will definitely check them out! :)

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another vote for Dansko

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FIT FLOPS. That is, if you can wear that type to the workplace.
Naturalizers. Often ugly.
I must have Wide shoes. Most shoes hurt my feet.
Leather TEVA’s. Again, sandals.
Clark’s are great.

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