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Fluther's classy new ad system down there. What do you think?

Asked by tonedef (3935points) December 12th, 2008

Fluther has impressed me yet again with its elegant and intelligent solution to problems of web-based services. The amazon links on each question are a really sensible way to both monetize the service, and also to provide other answers in case the ones in the question just aren’t cutting the mustard.

I hope that the little bookster box gets some action, so that we don’t have to move to “YOU WON 12 FREE IPODS” flash ads.

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Very well done! They’re non obtrusive, and they are usually relevant to the question. I’m going to start clicking every single one so that we don’t get the blinky ones.

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I think it’s a great integration of an ad module. I don’t buy things often from Amazon, but if I do I’ll use that box so that Fluther gets a bit of profit.

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Shame it’s US only. I buy things on Amazon every other day.

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@Eambos: Fluther only makes a profit when you buy something; not click on something. :)

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Awww… I guess I’ll buy a book or two.

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