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I just thanked myself, have you thanked yourself?

Asked by judochop (16104points) December 15th, 2008

My self esteem just got a boost! What are you doing to keep yourself happy?

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Do you mean you thanked yourself on Fluther? I seem to remember that something funny happens when you do that, but I can’t recall what it is! As far as keeping myself happy…at the moment, not too much. Mostly I’m just trying to keep myself together in a very uncertain time. I hope things will settle down soon, and then I can worry about happiness again.

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Worry about happiness…very interesting words Augielan. I try to boost my confidence everyday but it isn’t always easy and I don’t think I’ve ever really tried thanking myself. maybe I’ll try.

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@Sueanne: LOL. I really need to lighten up, eh?

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Myself needs a stern talking to; she has a lot to explain.

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Oh, is that what the kids are calling it these days? If so, “thank yourself” all you want, but don’t expect a “you’re welcome” from me.

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lol, I try not to talk to myself too much

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I don’t know what to thank myself for! I guess I could thank myself for getting dressed for work this morning. It would really be a bummer to go to work naked!!!

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@loser:I guess it all depends where you work. Sometimes I pray for a random naked person to come slithering through the door to make something happen.

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Thanks scamp, you’re the best!!
Have you tried to add yourself to your fluther?? ha ha!!

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@judo: “slithering through the door to make something happen”: swoon

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I rarely thank myself.

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I am awesome

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