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Would you like to be able to comment on others answers?

Asked by free (125points) December 22nd, 2008

maybe to add a tidbit, correct a link or start a side thread? or just to voice your agreement. I’ve noticed that some of the best material is in the comments with some other sites. or will this just mess up the clean lines here? signed: uppity brand new and curious

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I can already comment on other answers.

It goes like this:

Hey you,

I saw your answer and I agree or disagree with the content and subject matter.

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Thats how this site works! You can comment all you like on any question ever asked.

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There is a nice etiquette of putting off-topic comments in whispers.

Right judo?

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Also, many of us the ”@” sign if we are making a comment in response to someone else’s.

For example:

@ andrew I never learned how to whisper. How do you use that?

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dashdash(NO SPACE)What you want to write(NO SPACE)dashdash

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People will also refer to other flutherers as ”@so and so” in the body of their text, thus:
“Walking sticks may vibrate for a number of reasons, least of which is what @bodyhead suggested, which is sensible but not as funny as what @susanc said.”

I think this is unnecessary and distracting, but you can do it if you wanta.

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@susan, I like to be noticed. Sensible is the nicest thing anyone’s said about my advice all day

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OK, I get the idea. Thanks, everyplace has their own way of doing things, appreciate the tutorial

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ouch andrew, ouch

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i just learned to whisper!

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by george, I’ve got it!

thanks andrew

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Fluther rocks.

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