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What should I get my Girl as a moving in gift?

Asked by Staalesen (2722points) December 23rd, 2008

We are finally moving in together (got the appartment on x-mas day, yay!) Since most of our money the first months go to paying the rent for the new place and my old room for a month, I am a bit strapped for cash, but I would really like to give her a gift that would mean something special for her, as to signify the start of our life together…. Anyone have a good suggestion ?

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Unpack all the boxes and put everything away. I just moved. Trust me, she’ll love it

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How big is the place? Does she have a hobby?

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the place is about 50 square meters+- 10, her hobbies are music and writing, both of wich takes place on her laptop….

and yeah, I will have to be the one that unpacs everything anyway, since she works late the next month :)

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How about an engraved keyring?

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Jammies and a robe. Nothing says welcome home like sleepwear.

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Ah! Doesn’t sound like you have a lot of space. You could get her a special, vintage piece of furniture that’s ‘just for her things’ to let her know that she’s got a special spot there. I was going to suggest that in order to save money, you could also make a work space/practice space for her with curtains or a screen.

I think the engraved keyring idea is great too!

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Dude, just love her and be good to her.

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I say an interesting plant; perhaps a small kumquat tree or succulent.

…unless she’s at least mildly into taxidermy. In that case you will need a bearskin rug, something to tie the room together.

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I like the keyring idea, a lot. A nice home cooked meal would be appropriate, too.

PS: Congratulations and best wishes!

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Or a small olive tree. They look way cool and are fairly inexpensive. She’ll think you’re really taking it up a notch on the classy scale.

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A comfortable mattress.

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Well I think I might go for a combination of a lot of these Ideas :) Especially the jammies and a robe, she will love that ( and then I will get my old one back:)
And the meal thing, but instead I will arrange a dinner for her and her closest friends, cooking it and etc, getting wine, doing the dishes…
And her keyset ingraved with her lucky symbol :)

@peadub: It would have been great, but we are notorious when I commes to killing plants…. :/

Thanks a lot to all of you :)
And a happy hollyday to all of you :)

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A new photo album. And then vow to take a photo a day in your new place together for the next year.

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Definitely get a few pictures of the two of you in some nice frames and hang/place them around the room; it is a nice gift and it personalizes the apartment so it will feel like home, as well as places constant reminders of you around her, which is never bad.

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Yes, that would be nie aswell.. I just realized that we dont really have to many pictures together exept for old party pics… Maybe haul out the old camera again :)

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Oh that’s good too. Or get pictures taken… that can be expensive, but if you can find a photo student (someone very much like myself), they’ll probably do it pretty cheap, if not for free to build their portfolio. Make a few prints, pop them in some frames and voila!

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That could be arranged, we have quite a lot of artistic friends (commes with the territorry i guess) So I hva quite a few photographers in traing to call..

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Do it. Girls (including myself) eat that shit up.

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Sounds like you’ll have a wonderful x-mas :)
Glad Jul og lykke til! (I’m making a big assumption and guessing you’re Norwegian….)

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God Jul til deg også, og takk.
(Yes, I am norwegian)

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Ah!, you say ‘god’, not ‘glad’.....should’ve known that! But close enough :)

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You are not not norwegian ? If not, very good work =)

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