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Do your pets have obvious moods?

Asked by electricsky (825points) December 26th, 2008

Only a few of my dogs have obvious mood swings, but a lot of my cats do. One of my dogs will completely shun me after I give her a bath. She’ll turn away when I look at her and if I pet her she’s unresponsive. Thankfully it only lasts an hour or so, lol.
And earlier today I took one of my cats paws and dipped it in paint so I could imprint it on some paper. He didn’t mind it until I had to wash the paint off of his paw. Then he went crazy and afterward he wouldn’t go near me or let me be near him for 2 hours. Drama queen that he is.

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my dog: craziness

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Those aren’t “moods”, those are reactions to actual events.

My animals are very, very even-tempered. I have no idea where they learned this.

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Nope, no moods to speak of. Our dog is happy 24/7; he’s a little antsy when it’s time for the kids to get home from school, but always happy. Now as for the humans in my home, well that’s another story…

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My cat(s) One of them, stay away at all costs at all times. The other, very sweet, (very old), but lovable. Huckleberry 16 month old chocolate Lab and bro 24 month old yellow lab, Finneghan, one mood.. GOOD. Lets eat, lets run, lets chase the cats, lets go for a walk, lets cuddle up to Daddy and sleep-in. Perfect guys. Sadie, a spaniel, irritable, but not so moody, but she is older. One lab teases her relentlessly and she chases him all around the yard or house and he acts appropriately scared of her. The second she turns her back, he’s at it again. She has become deaf so now he has to nose her in the bum, that really ticks her off!

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my sister’s cat….crazy. Like honesty, she acts like she is on like 20 pounds of cat nip (she isn’t though).

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Milo is:

And a wuss when he spots a vacuum cleaner or the sun glinting off the stainless steel nail clippers. He retreats to a spot under my down comforter and looks like a small and pathetic lump.

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Are silly and retarded considered moods?

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and the cats go nuts about a day before a storm, really crazy before snow. better than any forecaster.
but my dogs get depressed or happy all on their own. don’t have a clue why.

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Vladimira will also let you know very quickly when shes pissed off :P

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@susanc: my dog tends to go into that mood about once a week for no apparent reason, and I just felt like talking about my cat, lol.

one of my cats tends to get very grumpy if he’s tired. if any of the other cats go near him he flips out and beats the crap out of them if hes trying to sleep, even though hes normally the nicest cat i have…

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@Uber; Is she officially Vladimira now. Have you changed the name on her passport?

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Freakin’ Max. Really, that’s all I can say. Max, my German Shepherd ferocious guard, has three moods:
1. Playful. Max will get anything and set it at my hand waiting to play fetch. Doesn’t matter what else is going on, it’s time to play.
2. Watchful. Totally time for Max to be on duty. Hello, he was bred to protect. Be acts like he’s superior to all of us if he could be doing something else. Say, “Go get ‘em!” and Max is on duty.
3. Sleepy, don’t mess with me. Max has got to be one of the soundest sleepers ever. He has memorized all of the normal house sounds and won’t even flinch when he’s in this state. Sometimes he just ignores sounds as well. It’s like he’s hoping it all just works put alright.

Max is a special guy. His moods, states, whatever are always so endearing. I never really thought of myself as a dog person, but I dig my dog. I also dig that he’s pretty intimidating on sight, but a very well mannered dog.

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@Gimme: And if I recall correctly, he also gets violently ill (inside) when secretly stuffed with Xmas dinner.

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The only different ‘mood’ I ever notice in my cats is loneliness.

When my children are here every other weekend, the cats tire of so much attention and will sometimes hide from the kids. A day after they go back to their dad’s house, the cats mope around all day, meowing and begging for attention. They don’t let us out of their sight for a few days. Then, back to normal…aloof and superior once again.

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@Gail. Really, did we need to bring that Christmas Eve debacle up again? Yeah, yeah I fed him chicken, pasta, and left over chili, but now he’s nice and healthy and not on my list. I know I was over indulgent, but only because I really thought he knew he could handle it.

OK, I’m done now. Max is not so rational and I must be a good pet owner.

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my dog is bipolar. during the day she fights with my hand for no reason. At night she wants to sleep on my bed like she’s an angel.

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I would say more, but Milo is not permitting me to type, speaking of sparring with one’s hand.

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@gailcalled i applied, but the country drags its feet so slowly sometimes with these things:P

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My border collie rescue has moods. I’ve never seen anything like it (I’ve always had sane dogs before). Some days he sulks and goes off to the back room by himself. Some days he’s relaxed and playful. You just never know.

And, of course, the cats have playful moods (usually at 4 am), where they tear down the hallway, over my sleeping body, back up the hallway, over the back of the couch, and then repeat.

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I’m owned by two cats, and YES they definitely show moods (and personalities). My oldest cat was raised via eye-dropper by me. Her mother died giving birth. So she sometimes treats me as she is my temperamental teenage daughter embarrassed by her mother. We often refer to her as “Her Majesty, the Queen.” If I don’t pet her long enough she runs off in a snit. When she is mad at me, she sits with her back to me in a place where she knows I’ll see her. Loads of “Cat”-titude!!

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We went to the Humane Society this AM for the manicure. Milo sensed what was coming and hid under a king-sized bed, square in the middle. I eventually got him out with a broom stick. Then we had a merry chase around the house until I cornered him. After a thorough swaddling in a towel, I shoved him into his cage. !4 cold and rainy miles into the 15 mile drive, he threw up.

During the procedure, however, Himself sat as though hypnotized while the tattoed little teenager cut his nails. No jawing, no wriggling, no severe batting with hind legs. I still don’t know what the trick is.

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Ohhhhh, yes!

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My dog also thinks she is a lap dog sometimes. She is a beagle and getting a little heavy she kinda hangs off a little lol.

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Oh! I forgot about my cat’s bitch moments. When she is mad at you she has been known to wait until you do a fresh load of laundry and leave it unattended jump in, wait for you to notice her sitting there and then begin to pee on the whole pile. I’ve noticed her waiting for almost half an hour.

Other than that she’s all kind of elitist.

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