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I have a giant collection of fabric. All kinds. What can I do with this fabric if I don't want to sew?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) November 17th, 2006
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Why don't you donate the fabric to a high school Family Consumer Economics class?
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Gee, how did I know who this was? Perhaps you could check with some charities, churches, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, etc. Maybe they have people willing to sew who are fabric-less. It would be great if all that fabric could be turned into clothing donations. McHenry County would have the best-dressed indigents.
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In our town, there is a local crafts group with members over 50 year old who use all kinds of supplies for their handcrafts. I give pieces, large and small, of fabric to them fr their projects. Call your local Girl Scout offices, Boys and Girls Clubs and high school home economics teachers. Fabric can be useful for banners, collages, patchwork designs, sewn around the borders for "blankets" for homeless, etc.
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Peggy lou do you recommend a certain kind of sewing machine?
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Try particulary the Battered Women's shelters. These women usually flee w. very few possessions and often have young children.
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Not all fabric is good for clothing. If you have plaid fabric you must keep it and turn it into houshold items,plaid curtains,pillows, seat cushions,trim towels,make bath robes etc. Plaid is the fabric of joy and should never be packed away. Velvets fall under this category also!! It's right to give it to community groups but ou would probably have more enjoyment if you could see some of the finished projects. (madrigal costumes, banners etc)
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Bethy, you're here!
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Did you forget,"He who dies with the most fabric wins" ? The one I really love is the black velvet w/ red & gold morning glories hanging in the basement
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you could also donate it to a school or camp's art supply closet.

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