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Do the impossible?

Asked by nebule (16452points) January 20th, 2009

What would you do if you could do the impossible?

I would
1. Experience the world through a 2 year old’s eyes and consciousness
2. Be able to sit on a cloud whenever I wanted, (it would be warm and cosy), talk to God and Dicken’s about life’s conundrum’s whilst watching all my fellow beings down on earth and to return to earth as and when I pleased by floating down invisible to the human eye.
3. Have a roller-coaster, actually probably a bug fun fair in my back garden.

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Understand women.

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You forgot:

4. Bring all the late great musicians back to life for one hell of a concert.

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1. I would give myself the ability to speak all known languages in the world.
2. I would pull all of the American military troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
3. I would finally negotiate a permanent peace between Israel and Palestine.
4. I would give myself the ability to talk to animals like Dr. Doolittle.
5. I would make all politicians honest and completely altruistic.
6. The ability to manipulate weather. (We need one hell of a lot more rain here in Phoenix, Arizona. Droughts suck).

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The ability to manipulate time so I could sleep for hours without a single second passing.

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I would go back in time and give my dad a hug and tell him I love him before he died.
I would give my mom a happy childhood.
I would eliminate drugs abuse and the factors in life that lead to it.
I would make sexual predators’ privates fall off.

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I would cure cancer and the common cold.
I would find a cure for spinal cord injury.
I would bring my mom back to be my every day spirit guide.
I would spread the wealth so that the world isn’t filled with the extremes of wealth and poverty it currently has.

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I could start fires with my mind
I would get a job
I would be able to experience past cultures as one of them, but outside of time, so I could fully understand them like no one before

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Reading the above, I would make sure that I would be the only one who could do the impossible ! Sounds like it could be a dangerous world. Kind of the premise of Heroes.

My impossible goal would be to remove that within us that makes us hateful, or envious, or deceitful, or lazy, or greedy.

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Never have another headache.

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I would make friends with my doubt. Maybe that’s not impossible. Hmm.

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I would love to sit on a cloud!
I’d be pain-free.
The world would be at peace.

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I would watch myself for a week at least to see exactly what I’m like..I bet it would give me some pretty interesting insights…although there is that old law…what is watched, changes… what is that law called? I always forget

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