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Can I really buy another iPod Nano 2nd Gen?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12537points) January 21st, 2009

Long story short, my iPod nano 2nd Gen is irreparably damaged, and I need a new iPod. Please don’t try to talk me into buy anything that costs more than $150 – I just simply cannot afford it right now, or any non-Apple products, I don’t want to deal with compatibility issues, and all my music files are in iTunes/Apple’s format.

Anyway, the “genius” at the Apple Store told me I could buy another 2nd gen nano for $99, but I can’t seem to find that information anywhere on the website. Is this true? Can I choose the color? Do they still offer all the colors they used to (silver, blue, pink, green, and red)?

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Check this out

(Apple refurb ipod store)

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You could probably find a used/refurb on ebay for under $100, but you never know what you’re going to get when you buy there.

Or, you could get one of those new 8gb nanos for only $149 pre tax.

@Lightlyseared has a better plan, since you’re on a budget.

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sweet! i love this one, even though it’s all short and fat because it’s a 3rd gen.

Do you think refurbished is what the genius meant? I noticed the 8 gig ones are $99.

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As far as I can see @La_chica_gomela, that is as good as it gets from the Apple website so I think that must have been what he meant. Bear in mind that what they have in the refurbished section depends what they have in stock so the inventory often changes. They might have 2nd gen in stock sometimes.

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3rd gen is probably better anyway, since it plays video too.

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are there any other differences between 2nd and 3rd besides shape and video or not? It seems like the 3rd g screen is bigger—if that’s true, then does it have shorter battery life?

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The screen is bigger, it plays video, and it’s smaller (you can’t fit as large of a battery). That’s why life is a little shorter.

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