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How did you choose your particular fluther photos?

Asked by joli (628points) September 29th, 2007

I felt limited by the teeny tiny size allowed. The close ups are amusing. I imagine they’re cropped to accomodate?

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My peonies and roses are so much better-looking than I. Also right size for ID’ing. Some (many – most?) thumbnails are hard to figure out. Ben, Breedmitch, half of Andrew, Seg., for example, work. Interesting how many folks look like jellyfish..

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Mine is actually a gif. I’m all for peace which is why I chose it. I like constant change, but figure we are quickly recognized by our photo, and it might confuse people if I start photo fluthering.

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I’m a jellyfish, as gail pointed out.

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When I first got my MacBook, I had a lot of fun taking ugly “fun house” pics via Photo Booth. I picked one of them, because it’s me-ish and/yet abnormal. I also thought the bulging forehead worked well enough for the spirit of this site.

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