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Does anyone else get cuts on the inside of their nose?

Asked by blondie411 (1573points) January 22nd, 2009

Gross I know, but mine are always happening in the winter and on the bone side of my nose. They seem to be more like open skin and occur always on the right nostril. How can I prevent it and help it to heal faster. It is not like I can stick a band-aid up there!

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Umm.. no. I do get an occasional nosebleed from nasal dryness, but I am wondering how you get “cuts” as you describe it unless you are fiercely picking your nose.

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I swear no pickage! If i could show you I would! I get this open skin in my nose like a paper cut. Ok fine, I’m just weird, its ok I am ok with it!

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clip your fingernails.

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Ive gotten them before, its not from nose picking, its like dryness and then it cracks. I hear putting Vaseline on it helps, but im not one for shoving Vaseline up my nose. The only thing worse than that is when you occasionally get a pimple on the inside of your nose. OUCH

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@uberbatman yeah, the pimple thing hurts like hell. but vaseline should help with that as well, since it brings it to a head.

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still not shoving vaseline up my nose lol.

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It happens in the winter because the air is much more dry, dry enough to take the moisture from your skin/nose/etc. Moisturizing the area thus would resolve it, but I don’t know of any good moisturizer that’s suitable for the nose area (as in, doesn’t have a scent that would be distracting, doesn’t taste bad for if your nose is dripping and the moisturizer comes with it, etc). Vaseline is probably the best thing, I’ve just read here on Wikipedia that it doesn’t actually provide any moisture; however, it does prevents moisture from leaving the covered area, so putting some on your nose would probably help keep it moist thus allowing it to heal.

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Whoa…... I get exactly the same. Break in the skin, on the bone (cartilage) right side. Scary :)

Dry I agree, best I can come up with too. I use neosporin, dab a bit on the cut, keep it dabbed for a day or so and it’ll heal.

Hope this helps, they’re painful little buggers.

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For dryness, use a saline nasal spray. It will smell a bit like salt but it’s not too obtrusive like petroleum jelly or something scented.

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@pekenoe don’t we have all the luck!

Cuts on the inside hurt!

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there are viruses that ‘cause this problem….maybe a check up is in order.

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Cuts in your nose aren’t caused by a virus, it is caused by winter dryness. I think what you mean are cold sores around the mouth. Two different things.

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Dryness is the answer. Use a dab of Chapstick (the moisturizer kind). It works great, is less gloppy than vaseline, and doesn’t have a strong smell.

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Herpes Simplex I can be transferred to the inside of the nose and will appear as small cuts. They will go away by themselves, but there are pills that will help it disappear faster.

any mucous membrane, such as the eyes, inside the nose, and even cuts can become infected with the virus, causing herpes sores to show up in those areas at any time after the initial exposure.

it wouldn’t hurt to get a test…it’s infectious but very common.

Oral herpes, an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus, is estimated to be present in 50 to 80 percent of the American adult population.

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@bristolbaby I have been recently tested as I do every year at the gyno, not that you need to know my medical history. It is not multiple cuts, just like broken skin inside due to winter dryness like what happens to your hands in the winter around your fingers, if not properly moisturized. So oral herpes I know I do not have, but thank you for the suggestion.

I know it is winter dryness as it happens every year. A couple of my friends get the same thing, but was wondering the best treatment for it other than dealing with the pain of it.

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I’ve had cuts in both nostrils on the bone side for over a year now and its painfull and annoying. Ive tried to moisturize with lotion and it hasnt helped…. might try the vaseline and some antibiotic ointment, good to know other ppl have had this problem, thought something was wrong with me lol

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@krispy_80 Welcome to Fluther! Good luck with your nose. :)

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I have the same exact thing… it freakin blows… i also get like boogage in the cut and when i try to get it out with a tissue i have to rerip the cut it seems or ill have a permanent boogie mound in my nose lol.

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ZIM’S CRACK CREME! sold in drug store

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I have the exact same problem right now! Thanks for the advice. I’ll try neosporin. BTW, what the heck is Zim’s Crack Creme?

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I have that problem too
my doctor suggested rhinaris gel
it works pretty well its a drug free moisturizer for the nasal passage
and you can get it at a local CVS just ask the pharmacist because that’s where they
stock it

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Yes, I get them and I agree they’re sooo painful and annoying! I will check out rhinaris gel but I’ve had success with triple antibiotic ointment on a q-tip. As soon as winter is over this clears up on it’s own. It’s from the dry air. I also get tons of electric shocks! Winter is the culprit! Best wishes!

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Hey there…I have had one for over a year…got it last year after a cold and blowing my nose to much….see Dr. OZ show about the deadly triangle…apparentlly everytime you get a cut in your nose or it reopens….bacteria shoots to your brain…I have tried everything, he suggests a Neti Pot and Himilayan smelling salt sold at health food stores…I am going to try it…did the lipsol, vasaline, bag balm and a silicon nasal thing sold at the pharmacy. And you are right, everytime you have to blow, it peels it back open….OUCHH!! Glad I know it happens to more people….good luck

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Holy crap. Thanks for asking this question. I get this year round, right on the cartilage, right side. It sucks cause it never seems to heal fast enough cause like one writer said, it is always breaking open somehow. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I have tried neosporin and that did seem to help the best, the neti pot seemed to make it worse as it continued to stay really dry.

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I get it on the very tip on the right side inside my now, sore.. I use abreva, the stuff for lips, it helps and Vaseline does too.I think I don’t drink enough water. dry…

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I get it too. Alot. I think it is because of the cold weather. Think of it as chapped lips for the nasal. Staying well hydrated and maybe vitamin A & D ointment. Better than Vasaline. Or anything for cuts. Nasal spray may help too. Let me know if anyone has some better suggestions.

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I get the same thing! Always the left side they are a wicked pain! Like somebody said thet get scabby and it feels like a hard booger so you have to pick it! At least i do so tjey never heal! There like little razor slices! Ive used neosporin but unless you cal leave it alone for a few days and keep them moist your bumming till spring! Right there with ya!

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I was having the same problem until I figured out what was causing them. After I would blow my nose, I would wipe by “mushing” my nose up and down especially if it was itchy. Doing this basically stretched and pulled my nasal skin causing a tear/cut. Especially during dry winter days. Ever since, I was gentle when wiping after I blew my nose. Never had one since.

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Herpes virus appears to be a likely culprit. I’ve been using Hyland’s Cold Sores & Fever Blisters tablets. Seems to help. Yes! They do hurt! I seem to be getting them cyclically. I have an autoimmune disease and find I am very vulnerable at times. It’s June and warm weather here, so not likely dry winter air, for me.

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I have a cut that is on the right nostril that is deep, I can see the ‘bone’ or cartilage or whatever you want to call it. Can you please tell me if I should do anything different?

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I have had the same issue for years and it is getting worse and worse. I have been checked for all of the auto immune diseases that can cause it. I have also had surgery for deviated septum to stop it. Nothing works. The only thing I can think that caused it is that from the time I was a baby my parents always put Vicks in my nose for colds. Since I had allergies I always had a “cold” The dryness is always worse on one side and cracks and peels. It almost feels like the lining is thickening and then it cracks. I have been told that Vicks will make it worse because it is a petroleum based product and that damages the membrane of the nose. I have tried everything from Neosporin to Hydrocortizone cream. Nothing helps.

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This just started happening to me, I was using Saline spray since every Summer in LA the air sucks, it’s dry and it makes me have allergies (Must be the smog) anyway about 3–4 weeks a go I think The Saline dried up my nose and I got a small cit on the left nostril, and it won’t freaking heal. I am now trying Neosporin (I read Petroleum based stuff can be bad because it can end up in your lungs and cause Pneumonia) if this Neosporin doesn’t work I will have to find a Dr. (No insurance so I have been trying to take care of it but it’s not working and it hurts) plus now i am starting to feel like that movie The Fly…pieces are coming off and I see red inside. Aggghhh.

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I just experienced the fissure aspect about 2 weeks ago. I have had the dry nose and “crusting” as a Dr. put it every winter. Apparently as we age our mucous membranes thin and dry up…saline spray is great as pjd found. Like them though I discovered a “cut” or fissure. Fairly large, red and yes pjd scary. I had been out of the country over the holidays and although I had noticed the pain etc. I didn’t have the opportunity to look into it (if you will pardon the pun. ) We found an over the counter product called SECARIS. It says it is “the most recommended nasal gel by Canadian physcians” . A small dab on a q-tip as needed about 4 times a day. It recommends every 4 hours. In 1 day a scab formed and in 3 days it (the scab) started to lift off and the fissure was healed. I am still using the gel on the area and will continue for a couple of days (about 2 times a day or when I notice my nose is dry). It is a mixture of polethylene 15% and propylene glycol 20% in a gel to ph55. There are non medical ingredients as well mostly sodiums and water.
There was another product (over the counter) as well but didn’t try it. I hope this helps you all with this horridly uncomfortable problem. (it is also recommended for allergies and compatible with oxygen therapy) I wouldn’t try anything other than what is recommended for use in the nasal passage. The condition is not only annoying but embarassing feeling like you have a huge booger that must be obvious to everyone!! I will also continue the saline spray. Here’s to breathing in a Happy New Year

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It was happen to me today, I hope is not any STD sign?

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@Timtim…...Where have you been sticking your nose?

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I get the cuts mostly around allergy season and in the winter. I find that if you take a gel vitamin E pill and poke it open so the gel comes out. Use a qtip to put the gel on the cut. That helps majority of the time. I have to huge ones now!! They alway appear on the bone side. And in reply to STD’s my husband and I get checked every 6 months. So I do know that these cuts are not from that.

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I see this post is pretty old but wondering if you ever came up with an actual answer from a doctor. I recently started getting this anoying, hard to heal cuts in my nose as well since moving back to NY from FL. I also notice that the cuts seem to occur near the septum which in my case is deviated. My best guess is when the season starts to get colder and my nose is constantly changing from too dry to runny, that the skin actually starts to break along the broken and cracked septum. It’s a simple wiggle of my nose and I will literally rip the skin from the boney protrusion inside my nose. Its not related to any STD’s, herpes virus, or/and ect. The skin has already become quite stretched along the protrusion, so a simple tug will rip it and seeing that it’s located in an area that already has a lot of constant moving and rubbing, creates a cut that’s hard to heal. It also does not help the situation when it’s cold outside and your nose cannot make up its mind. It’s either too dry or non stop running which will just irritate and cause further friction or too much moisture. I take a q tip and apply triple antibiotic ointment through out the day and try to remain conscience of the irritation until it’s healed but ultimately it will happen again and again until you surgically fix the divided septum. Good news is, as lon as you have insurance, the surgery is always covered.

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I have them and my doctor said they were polyps

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