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How many TV's are in your home?

Asked by miasmom (3490points) January 31st, 2009 from iPhone

We have 2.

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We have four; One in the family room, one in the living room, one in my dad’s bedroom, and one in my bedroom. Mine is a 15” flat screen with a built-in DVD player…yay for birthdays! :)

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I have a 19” flat screen in my bedroom. My sister has a 26 inch one in the living room.

edit :: But we have four computers. A lot of those are used for watching TV too.

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We have a 42” plasma screen in the living room. My son has a smaller set in his room. Neither my husband nor I watches any TV (aside from Olympics and election events), but we sure do a lot of Netflix.

Computers, though?...<counting>...I make it seven, but it might be eight. Among the three of us at home.

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We have two in our house. One in the master bedroom and one in the living room.

@Jeruba. Netflix is awesome.

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One. But it’s been on once in 4+ years, so does it really count?

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Two. One in the living room, and one in my sister’s room. But the one in my sister’s room (which is right next to my room) only gets an analog signal, so it’s not on very often (thank god.)

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We have three TVs. One community TV upstairs in the family room, one in the master bedroom, and one in the basement. We do most TV watching as a family. Nothing like hot fudge sundaes and family movie night.

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4, but theres also 5 computers, and we can watch DVDs on any of those too. wow, america really is spoiled.

i forgot to mention that there are 5 iphones in my family and 3 video ipods, that makes 17 possible devices to watch movies!!!

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and my tv is in my basement (52” HD tv with xbox 360 and Directv HD DVR) SUPERBOWL TOMORROW!!!

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@laureth the question is, how many times has it been OFF? lol

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I don’t have any televisions.

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@futurelaker88 – Twice! Once before it was on, and once after. ;)

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Right now there are 2 but I would like there to be 3. However I don’t see that happening anytime in the very near future.

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@laureth lol. wow thats impressive.

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I have 1, 40in Sony Bravia V Series…I really like it, my apartment is kind of small, so it doesn’t make sense to have more than one.

I do however have 2 laptops, 2 desktops, and a 17in imac…two 22in samsung displays for each desktop.

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@laureth, was it for the inauguration?

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Nah, it was for a taped movie about 3.5 yrs ago. But I did get to see the inauguration at work.

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I think there are three or four—but I’m in a college house that has nine guys in it.

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Two. A beast in the living room and one in my room, which I rarely use.

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there are 4 TVs in my home. We use all of them.

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One widescreen in the living room. Five computers: 1 is just being switched over to a new machine, one laptop, one Linux machine for work type stuff and one old machine my bf’s teenage son uses for Warcrack.

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One old TV in the living room, that’s it.

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Five, including a 61” with 7.1 surround sound for movie night

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One – community TV in the living room.

So far, we have managed to all watch TV together without any issue. We only watch about 5 hours a week.

I plan to resist multiple TVs for as long as I can – it kills family time.

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40’ samsung in the bedroom, 27’ in the living room, and 21’ in the guest room, does the portable DVD players that my son have counts? If so, he has 2–7’... So 5.

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4. My roomies and I each have our own, and there’s a old-fashioned big screen set in the living room, which is only on when there’s a TV-based get together with friends. Boy roomie uses that one most for sports watching with his pals.

I use my TV for watching DVDs and the occasional viewing of CNN or a Law & Order episode. My cinematic tastes are different from the other two.

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4. Living room, kitchen, master bedroom and one still in a box to go into the ever-unfinished ‘man cave’.

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One in my living room, and my lodger has one too.

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Whatever I need to view I can pretty much find it on my iPhone or Powerbook.
I find myself to be reading a lot more as well, not just for myself but to my children as well.

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Technically none. My 37 inch widescreen “television” is really a monitor as it has no signal converter built in. Consequentially I don’t have cable, or even the free stations that you can get.

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None. But I do watch movies on my computer from time to time.

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1 TV, 2 computers (1 of which is used for watching TV at times).

And my “other home” (ie, my boyfriend’s), 1 TV, 4 computers all of which are used for watching TV at times.

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One. In the living room, my wife and I have a 21” tube tv made by daewoo. Our friends have made fun of us for years, but it’s more than we need.

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Two, but I live in a one bedroom apartment.

My parents, on the other hand, have six, and two of them are in rooms that aren’t currently inhabited by human beings.

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Two, but only one that works (that reminds me I have to get that old one disposed of)

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we have 4, with no cable (got cut the other day)
in the living room we are sporting an old wooden box tv used as a tv stand for another tv

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We have three TV’s, HD in the living room, one in our bedroom and a 15” in the kitchen. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen…:-)

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