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Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Asked by emmy23 (256points) February 4th, 2009
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Team Ambivalence.

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asmonet whats ambivalence?

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Seriously, what’s your question about? You’re proving no context, how do you expect us to know what you’re trying to ask?

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Gosh. Guys, it’s about TWILIGHT. How could you misssss that? You guys! Do you like Edward Cullen or Jacob McWolferson?

I’ve never read the books, nor have I seen the movie. From what I understand I’m on Team Not-in-an-abusive-obsessive-relationship.

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Well then, I guess I’m on Team Quality Books, which does not include the Twilight series.

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Team Raskolnikov.
Seriously, you’d better take this question somewhere else (like your facebook or myspace page), ‘cause it’s not going to get a very good reception here.

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I’m going to boo at
Team Codependence.

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Twilight = Pathetic Literature and Role Models.

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uh there is no reason for the hateful attitute about the question. Especally to the person who i said i needed to take this question to facebook or myspace. Twilight is a book that i have the right to dicuss. sorry my question wasnt detailed enought but it was a fine question for fans of the book to discuss. I dont see anything wrong with the my asking it.

team i dont like attitude =)

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You have every right to discuss Twilight. The person who suggested taking the question elsewhere was being honest though—and coincidentally was correct. The question didn’t get a very good reception. Two reasons: 1. It wasn’t a very clear question, you needed to phrase it something like, “In the Twilight series, do you prefer Jacob or Edward?” 2. A lot of us have objections to Twilight that we’ve made known in previous Twilight-related threads (possibly the reason someone knew you wouldn’t get a very good reception with this question).

Just as you have every right to ask a Twilight related question, we have every right to express our distaste for Twilight.

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I apologize if I gave you a bad impression of Fluther with my posts. We just, well a lot of us, have had our fill of Twilight fans. You don’t seem to be a squealing twelve year old so, I’ll play nice. :)

I’m gonna go with Edward, since he’s controversial. At least he gives me something to yap about.

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asmonet No im not a screaming 12 year old lol I am 17 and I have read all the books. I just really liked them and they really captivated my interest. Thankyou for apologizing, Im sorry too if i seemed rather snappy, and i admit i could have made my question more detailed. But I just wanted to discuss the book and who they liked in the book with fans. Sorry if i have annoyed anyone with my question

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Nah, you’re fine. :)
I read the first one when it came out and found the writing to be lacking. It seemed stiff and childish, too much for me to handle. It was also incredibly short. I didn’t like how the characters were portrayed either, they seemed to me to be Mary Sues all around. No one had any failings, they seemed to be perfect each and every one. It has been a few years so please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Why did you like it? I’m curious. :)

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asomonet I just thought the characters were easy to relate to in my opinion. I thought that the plot was engaging and held my interest which can sometimes be hard to do =). I liked the storyline of the vampires, i seem to be drawn to vampire stories. I also liked the addition of the werewolves. But mostly, I am a sucker for love stories. The triangle between Edward, Bella, and Jacob was enthralling to me. So ya thats all i can think of =D

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Haha, well, I’m glad you found a book you love. I really like hearing that kids, teenagers whatever get into books, and I guess if it comes in the form of Twilight, so be it. It isn’t my cup of tea but I’d rather them be reading anything than not. :)

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asmonet That is a good point. I mean these days, no one in my classes read it all. When i was younger my mom always encouraged me to read so I just enjoy it alot. We need more books that will captivate teenagers interest more so they dont just sit around and do nothing but play video games or watch tv. I mean that stuff is fun and there isnt anything wrong with it, but reading is good to do as well. =)

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