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Is there a way to find a decent doctor?

Asked by tinyfaery (44035points) February 7th, 2009

The wife and I just changed our health insurance, because we hated, hated Kaiser. So now I belong to Health Net HMO, and I had to choose a doctor. I just picked a medical group near me, and picked a woman. I went to see her and I hated her. It’s such a hassle to change doctors, so I don’t just want to continue to randomly pick people until I find one I like.

How can I find a doctor who will take my insurance and be someone I can talk to and trust without going through the process of elimination. The websites I’ve visited have not been helpful. They cannot tell me that a doctor will instantly treat me different when I tell them I am in a same-sex relationship. Which happened, by the way. Any suggestions?

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You need to talk to friends and family in your geographic area to determine where the good docs are….

Recommendations from medical professionals (of any kind or specialty), if you know any, would be the best….

Personal recommendations from those you know and trust are much better than any generic website or directory.

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Snoopy said it well. When I was new to an area and had to find a doctor, but we had no local friends, we asked colleagues at work for recommendations. It’s not foolproof, but it’s better than sticking a pin in a directory.

I feel for you. I hate that process too. I have also had the experience you describe of not liking the doctor at all. It is very disheartening. Good luck in your search.

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It seems you should start with finding a “gay-friendly” physician. I would start with local gay organizations and see if they can refer you to a doctor who will also take your insurance.

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first of all, congrats on leaving Kaiser, they are indeed horrible. Cured me from HMOs basically.

The usual review/referral websites are not worth much either, as most of them actually “sell” tiered services to advertisers/HCPs.

I think you’re stuck with word of mouth and referrals from people you know, only way that makes sense to me.

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The only way to know for sure is to ask friends or acquaintances. Then visit the doctor yourself. I am going through the same process. It’s not fun, but it is your health that you are putting into someone else’s hands. It is worth the trouble.

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Vote against any system that has the state choosing for you.

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