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I could really use you opinion on this, what would you do?

Asked by Kiev749 (2092points) February 9th, 2009

There is this girl at the bank and the last time i was in there she told me that she likes to go see the local university play basketball. So what do i do? I pick up tickets and see if she wants to go to an upcoming game. I asked her today and she said she wanted to go but was moving out of her house that day. Should i get tickets and try again? Or was this a nice way of saying no?

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Only she knows for sure. Before I bought tickets again, I’d just ask her if she’d be interested in going to a game together ‘sometime’. If she says yes, then you can check the schedule & ask her which day suits her best. Good luck!

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I would do precisely the same as Augustlan says. Moving out of your house is a pretty hard thing to fake or use as a spur of the moment excuse. Now if she had said she had to wash her hair….

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Hard to say what she’s thinking. Give her your number and ask her to give you a call if she is interested. Hopefully your phone will ring.

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Ask her again, then get tickets.
Your wallet is sacred.

Or follow the kid’s advice. He’s adorable…and right.

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the tickets aren’t expensive (10 a piece) i was thinking since valentines day is near, getting her a witty card and putting a ticket to a future game in it like on a Saturday night when the bank is closed… and maybe my phone number… Thoughts?

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Hmmm…I think that may be a little over-the-top. Not knowing for sure how she feels about you, I don’t think I’d get her a Valentines Day anything just yet.

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Good call.

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Hey one of the number one rules in life is to overcome rejections. You are in kind of an awkward position now that its after the fact, but theres still ways around that. I usually go with being witty and ask something like, So, are you still moving your stuff out? She says either Yes, then you say well when you get done moving your stuff would you like to go see one of those basketball games. She says No shes done moving, then you say something like, well my friend is gonna hate me for not taking him, but it would probably be more fun to take you. or make up what ever varation you feel like it doesnt matter much

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You could offer to help move furniture, and give her your phone number to call you if she needs extra help. Then you look thoughtful. At worst, you move some furniture.

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I like @augustlan‘s suggestion best.

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I agree with augustlan, plus having to go home and check the schedule is a great reason to exchange phone numbers without feeling awkward.

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I would go with either augustlan or astochuck. both are nice non stalker approaches.

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