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So they held a memorial service for Caylee Anthony. And it was televised and will be even moreso tonight. What do you think of that?

Asked by Mr_M (7616points) February 10th, 2009
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I think it’s sad that there are so many other children out there who’ve suffered nearly as much, if not moreso, than Caylee Anthony, and there are children who die at the hands of their parents every single day, and the world barely hears a peep.

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@poof, you took the words right out of my mouth!

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@poof my thoughts exactly.

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I agree with poof, too. I also dislike it simply because it’s a big story the media can seize upon, without really giving a shit one way or another. It will be televised, people will watch and be sad… but give it a month, and no one will remember anything about it.

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I live in Orlando, and all the major networks preempted programming for the full run of it. i think it’s sick. as @poofandmook said, she is far from being the only child this has happened to, and such a deal has been made of it. The mother is a nutjob, and the grandparents are nutjobs too. and they’re all making $ of off this ordeal.

touching tribute my ass.

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BUT, it’s the media that’s covering it all and they’re covering it all because people are watching. They said some people were present since 4 am!

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@Mr_M yeah, that’s true. but, as of 10am EST, when it started, only about 1000 people showed up. The facility where it was held holds 5k, and the grandparents expected that to fill and then some. no doubt the were getting paid per head or something.

the media here is covering it with such gusto because it’s fricking orlando and aside from dead kids, gang shootings and frozen oranges are the only damn thing they have to talk about. it’s their gold mine story of the year.

check out the local nbc affiliate website. as ron burgundy would say, “that’s bush. bush league.”

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I hadn’t even heard of Caylee Anthony before this. I think I like the rock I live under.

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I’d have to say, it must be a pretty big rock! :)

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Who is Caylee Anthony?

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The Caylee Anthony case is reminiscent of the Jean-Benet Ramsey case. Yes, these are awful crimes, but there are children that are kidnapped, tortured, sexually abused, and murdered all the time. There are children that are missing right now that the media should be focusing on so that their parents won’t be holding funerals.
It sickens me that the media literally chooses little, lovable-looking white girls, like they’re celebrities or something. I find it absolutely nauseating.

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Now there is another 5 yr old in Florida on the news they are looking for….it happens everywhere not just to Caylee…

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I wondered today if the grandparents did this to put out their “nice words” (especially the grandfather) about Casey, in order to taint the potential jury pool.

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@Mr_M well, supposedly, “the public” was demanding it, for closer. pbbtt… whatever.

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Well, I’m never really into these kinds of media circuses, but I think that this memorial service is good for a few reasons. I’m not saying the heck needs to be publicized out of it, but the public service should happen, I think. There are a lot of people in that community who were really invested in finding that girl, and put in a lot of time toward her search and raised a lot of money to find her. They really need some sort of ending to the nightmare, and this memorial service gives them an outlet to officially grieve and say goodbye.

Also, given how the mother has handled this, it’s pretty much the only real service this child will have and I think they should finally put her to rest with some kind of dignity. The poor girl should go recognized in some way. I think the family also needs this for closure as well as support.

As far as trying to taint the jury pool, I think Casey’s parents aren’t entirely convinced she didn’t do it. No amount of nice words they could throw around out of ‘goodwill’ at a memorial service will ever be able to override perception brought on by her actions.

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Isn’t the frizzer question about this case?

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What’s a frizzer question? Have you a link?

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It is a must-read!

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@augustlan that thread never gets old.

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