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Whats the political ' tilt " here on Fluther ?

Asked by Johnny_Rambo (888points) February 13th, 2009

Liberal, Moderate , conservative ???

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It’s so far left that you can’t go right.

I“m republican, but most people are very Liberal, and respectful. Everyone respects the others opinions, so although you may or may not disagree with nearly everyone, you can still get along fine.

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It depends. We’ve got some lefties and some righties. It seems like there are more lefties than righties, but surely enough both show up in any political discussion.

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Was it ” heated ” on Fluther during the last presidential campaign ?

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I haven’t been here long enough to give you a collective answer, but I can say that I am generally fiscally conservative and liberal on social issues.

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More left and not as heated as some other sites. Look up “election” in the search engine. There was great discussion and I learned so much from my fellow flutherites!

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Thats me TenaciousDenny, unfortunately, politicians want us onboard 100% to their ideology and $$ support. I’m okay with gay marriage, but not with foolish spending and taxation.

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Yeah, things are pretty divided politically in the US right now, and all the hope that Obama gave about uniting Repubs and Dems doesn’t seem to be happening with the Stimulus package. But ah well, here’s to hoping the new administration can pull us (at least partially) out of the crapper.

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On the whole Fluther certainly leans to the left, but there is room for all opinions. Welcome aboard Rambo. Look in the frizzer, grab yourself a pancake, and enjoy your stay.

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I’m not political. Politics is masturbation.

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Saying that politics is masturbation is a political statement. We are all political.

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i have never voted and never will. i am neither republican or democrat. tory or labour.

it’s a social commentary.

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Too bad epony, it takes involvement in the process EVEN if your goal is to change the process. Standing on the sidelines booing or cheering is very political, either way you are involved.

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i neither boo nor cheer. what happens, happens. i’m not trying to change anything. let the process happen.

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So, you have no opinion and in no way encourage, promote or influence those around you by making a satement about current affairs ? My hat is off to you.

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I’m someone who leans far left on most issues and I’ve found the majority here to be kindred spirits. But I agree, there are exceptions, and here by and large everyone is treated with respect. The mods even seem to lean pretty far left, but just so you know, no one is stupid or pushy about it. In fact, one of the few people I’ve ever seen get kicked off was someone who was incredibly far left…he wasn’t respectful of those with whom he did not agree. This is about sharing ideas and we have people come from many different angles here. But the key I think is this site was started by younger people, and the current youth generation is far more liberal than conservative these days. Hence the culture grew organically from there.

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It sounds lazy to me.

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@Johnny_Rambo This sort of thing is exactly what turns me off about politics. Any wank who has an idea thinks he’s got the plot.

Discussing current events does not have to have a political angle, what’s more. And no, i don’t try to influence people’s political views, or promote a certain political angle, nor do i encourage them to vote or participate for or against a certain platform. Apparently, I have more interesting and/or important things to discuss than what the current “problem solver” is doing. or what the next “problem solver” will do. or what the past “problem solver” did. because they all do about the same…absolutely dick.

it’s called neutrality. Think Switzerland and poll workers.

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Politics is about ideas, are you calling McCain and Obama wanks ? Just because problems arent solved to your satisfaction does not mean they don’t ” do dick ” , (your words). I think you are confused, my friend. Your disdain for politicians is quite the political statement. I’m enjoying this political conversation with you, I think that is good.

Response moderated
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Going vulgar on me epony, speaks volumes you know.

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Um, poll workers come from both sides and watch each other mistrustfully. Switzerland’s neutral position is extremely political.

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@Johnny_Rambo thanks for the trolling. As you like it.

@EmpressPixie – spell it first, then argue it.

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There seems to be a liberal tendency among Flutherites, but since this is not a political site, we are not defined here by our political views. Because of this, there is plenty of variation within broad categories, and people, who often know each other from discussions on entirely different topics, are more willing to listen and be respectful.

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I was already correcting, now you just look like a jerk. Please note: being a jerk does not excuse you from making ill-informed statements.

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It was a politically packed question. If you didn’t want to discuss politics you could have avoided the question, but you didn’t have to tell him to F off.

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Trolling ? Is that what you call it when you dont have a good come-back ?

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[Mod says] Please tone down the rhetoric eponymoushipster. There is nothing here to suggest trolling behavior. Rude quips will be removed.

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@all i was expressing my position – which was valid – on the question. The question concerned the site, and views therein of the members. I was attacked and mocked for said opinion.

as for [mod], no worries, i’ll discontinue following this thread, and find a more open-minded one.

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Asking for details to ones answers/opinions is not mocking or attacking. If I say the sky is blue, you have every right to ask me if its day or night , cloudy or clear ?

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Oh, crap! I just fell over onto my left side and now I’m all bruised.

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I am a conservative but I may be the only one still alive.

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@gooch I’m here with you.

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There’s always Rush, Sean and Ann C.

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Thanks for reminding me.

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Overwhelmingly liberal. Also overwhelmingly respectful, and open to discussion and debate. Enjoy!

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Politics affects everyone. Every bill that comes through Congress and is signed by the President (or even moreso, the state legislatures) affects life somehow. From how much we are taxed, who we can marry, whether or not the potholes are fixed in the road, whether or not we have control over our own reproduction, whether we can choose to die, the cleanliness of the water we drink, and even the stop signs we obey and the cops that pull us over when we don’t. Every one of these is affected by laws, and I can’t imagine someone not caring, at least a little bit, at least about some of them.

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I’m a Libertarian for the most part. I think the modern Republican and Democrat Parties have sold us all down the river. I think we need someone like Ron Paul to lead us.

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Mine hangs down to the…wait, what are you guys talking about here?

welcome rambo, i loved your cartoon as a kid!

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It’s like at a high school prom. The Republicans are the nerdy looking ones without dates standing over in the corner around the punch bowl.

The Dems here are having some fun!

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