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How were these characters written out of ER?

Asked by osakarob (1304points) February 20th, 2009

I stopped watching about 5 years ago when Carter went off to Africa. Can anyone explain in a couple of short sentences how the following characters were written out of ER: Abby Lockhart, Luka Kovac and Kerry Weaver?

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Abby had a baby, Luka went back to his home country for a while, then was replaced in the ER, Weaver moved away (I forget where) and Pratt died after being in an accident (even though you didn’t ask).

I forget the details, hopefully someone can elaborate.

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Who was the father of Abby’s baby?
Why did Weaver move away?

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Kovac and Abby got married, had a child. Abby nearly died while giving birth. Kovac’s father got sick so he returned home.

I don’t really remember the details to Weaver’s leave, but I think she lost custody of a child and was a lesbian; that may have been related to it.

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Weaver moved in with the female firefighter and they had a baby. They raised the baby together until the firefighter was killed in the line of duty. Then the firefighter’s parents took away the baby and Weaver couldn’t even visit because she had no legal rights. Heartbreaking.

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Kerry gets custody of her baby back in the end of season 10. :) She goes off the show in season 13, and in seasons 11–13 she’s more of a supporting role than she was before… She has one great episode that I rememember, I think it was in season 11, about finding her biological mother. Then in season 13 takes the fall for this drama about a new doc (Clemente) and gets demoted from Chief of Staff to an attending, then leaves at the end of the season to take a job in TV. I think she’s making a guest appearance later this season, or may have already – I’m a few eps behind. :)

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wow, great to hear that! I think she makes the guest appearance in the episode where Dr Banner remembers her first time at the ER yeas ago. Btw you can watch the current full episodes of ER for free on hulu.

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