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What is the best place in the world?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) March 1st, 2009

or is it where is the best place in the world? Either way, you get the point.

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My bed. It’s amazing. It’s so comfortable that once you lay down you never ever want to get up again. Which can be a bad thing, especially in the morning.

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Newberg Skatepark Newberg Oregon.

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This is a very biased answer because I’ve been practically nowhere and I live here… But I’ll go with all of Oregon.


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The best place in the world for me is San Antonio, because thats where my family is…

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Baskin Robbins

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In my man’s arms at the Cold Stone Creamery in Times Square with a large Cake Batter with hot fudge and my three little boys enjoying waffle cones.

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There is this one spot on jonsblond just south of her navel and north of her knees…

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@SuperMouse That’s where I want to be too!

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Anywhere I’m alive and kicking.

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@LouisianaGirl pssst- heaven isn’t on earth :-)

I’d have to say Madison, Connecticut. Our family goes there annually for vacation, and I love it.

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I searched the world looking for the answer to this question and the answer without a doubt is Orange County, California. IMHO

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okay if heaven doesnt count then I say…. ummmmm….... Paris!!!
Branson Missouri

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hollywood beach in floridaaa (:
maybe not the best place in the world, but one of my favourites that i’ve been to. i feel so good when i’m there.

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@tiffyandthewall – I looove bike riding in hollywood beach! I go on the weekends whenever I can. :D

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There’s this place in England with a girl I love..i’d give anything to be there. Otherwise…I absolutely LOVE Heidelberg, Germany.

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Wow, oregonians here? I used to live in Klamath Falls… yeah.. not on my favorites list.. but it was ok..

Best place in the world? The NEXT place I go. And when I get there.. the NEXT.

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Opening day at Pacific Bell Park.
or AT&T Park if you prefer.

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The Languedoc region of southwestern France.

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Yeah, I lived in Eugene, Or. It was nice in July and August.

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In bed with a beautiful woman :D doesn’t matter where as long as its private

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I beg to differ with KrystaElyse. My bed is the best place in the world. :P
Micro-fleece sheets, a heavy quilt, down pillows and my big strong man. Mmmm.

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@augustlan – Sounds like heaven :D

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It’s nice to have a comfy bed, isn’t it?

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Most definitely. It’s well worth the money spent, imo.

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@KrystaElyse really?! haha most of the people i know don’t appreciate hollywood beach, but i love it. it’s relaxing and usually it’s not overly filled with people. and i’ve met some really interesting canadian tourists there! haha.

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@tiffyandthewall – It really is a great place to hang out! Except, I hate it when people walk in the bike lane! I also eat breakfast after at one of the little restaurants there, I forgot the name though. Have you ever been to Le Tub? It’s a hole in the wall place, but they have amazing burgers!

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San Francisco—Most of the things mentione or at least a reasonable facsimile can be found here. We even have MORE traffic than Orange County

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@galileogirl ; and crappier weather too!

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@KrystaElyse aw i haven’t, i wish i had before i stopped eating meat. ): oh my god, there’s this little ice cream shop though, and they have the most incredible strawberry softserve ever, and it’s only 1.50. it has ice cream cones hanging from the overhang, you should definitely check it out if you haven’t. i’ve walked like an hour from the other side of the beach to get ice cream there haha.

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@tiffyandthewall – That sounds amaaazing! I’ll see if I can find it :D

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It depends on what type of answer you’re looking for.

For me, it’s my camera, a beautiful European city, & me at dusk. Absolute perfection.

Traveling, the most perfect place I’ve visited is Prague, Czech Republic.

I guess you could also say the most perfect place in the world is wherever I am when I’m with those who I love.

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