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What is your pornstar name?

Asked by trumi (6491points) March 1st, 2009

“First Pet’s Name” + “First Street”.

I’m Buddy Northwood ;)

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Sofia Victoria

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Lucky Belle.

(For reals.)

I once dated a guy who would have been Ace Reamin.

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Black Shannon

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Lmfao, Ace Reamin

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Pavvo Oxenhurst


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Rocky Scott

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Hahah, I KNEW this question was coming with the last one. First thought that popped into my head when I saw it.

Oh, and mine wins every time..I refuse to believe otherwise.

Friskie Forester.

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Cowboy Plum Drive.

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Crystal Marilyn.
Not funny at all, but definately pornish.

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Lady Bruckenweg. I don’t think a career in porn is right for me.
Farewell my hopes and dreams… :,(

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Tommy Broadway

LKidKyle1985's avatar

Brittany Curtice…. but im a dude so not sure if that really works

Adina1968's avatar

Fluffy Fredonia

Bluefreedom's avatar

Misty Holmby

arnbev959's avatar

Hogarth Locust

adreamofautumn's avatar

Bear Bodwell….if I was a GUY that would be great. Too bad i’m not.

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Hahahaha – I’d be Bootsie Shaker!

TheHaight's avatar

Sparky marty. :P

gooch's avatar

Menoo Venus

Ashpea9288's avatar

Lacey Washington

cookieman's avatar

Daisy First

(yes, I grew up on first street)

Jude's avatar

Micky Mallah

tiffyandthewall's avatar

when i was born i already had like a million pets.
the first one i thought of was Angel though.
Angel Terrace.

aprilsimnel's avatar

Smokey Lloyd

bigbanana's avatar

Petra St.Ronan

KrystaElyse's avatar

Sandie Apple Blossom

kheredia's avatar

Fluffy Shelton

fireside's avatar

Red Beach

tennesseejac's avatar

Whitey Washington

glassglitterandbeads's avatar

Brandy Sugartree….

gailcalled's avatar

Milo Chicorylane now.

Larchmont Jeffrey Villalane then.

RandomMrdan's avatar

Bacon Orchard.

susanc's avatar

Trinket Oysterbeach

jsc3791's avatar

Cocoa Long Lake

I hope AlfredaPrufrock answers this! Hers is good!

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Aw, the one for now is boring:

Hazel Clark.

Sounds like the kind of a gal who knew MacArthur and Patton. Biblically.

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Oaxaca Hayland. Ugh terrible name.

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I might have to change careers just for the name! Cream Puff Windsor.

bythebay's avatar

@SuperMouse: You may have missed your true calling.:)

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My kids’ would have been Ratty Coulter (a whlte lab rat removed from their lower school science dept. He was meant to be a spring-break visitor, but took up permanent residence.)

glassglitterandbeads's avatar

LOL… My kids would be Baby Michigan….

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Either Daquiri Lytle or Buffy Lytle. Take your pick.
But if I get to choose my own then I pick Penis O’Tool.

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Sapphire Blue

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Ruby Fox.

I have such a feminine pornstar name.

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Alphabet Tower

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Popcorn Houde

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I’ve always heard it’s your childhood pet and the street you grew up on, so mine is Gypsy M. Using the first pet/street makes it Tuxedo L, which is why I like the other way better.

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You lived on L and M street? I want a 1 letter street name…

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a very non creative city when it comes to naming streets apparently. Wonder what happens after Z.

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i’d like to add that i don’t even need a porn star name, because i share my real first/last name with an actual porn star, apparently.
thanks, google D:
it’s a pretty good ice breaker at least.

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Your last name is Towers?

TheLoneMonk's avatar

Gosh, mine would totally suck:

Desperado 88th St.

gooch's avatar

Well Desperado 88 is kinda cool. You gotta leave off the street part

TheLoneMonk's avatar

ahhh…nice touch gooch.

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Brandy Stella.

My son’s would be Stymie Stewart.

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