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When the clock turns 11:11 I always seem to be drawn to it. Anyone else?

Asked by glassglitterandbeads (207points) March 1st, 2009

The clock turning 11:11 has seemed to hold some special meaning, I don’t follow it specifically. My grandmother was born 11/11/11 at 11:11 and was in Ripley’s book; Having psychic abilities that come through her side of the family I wonder if anyone else has info on the phenomenon.

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Well, I know that among my friends, whoever sees the clock first and makes a wish and claims it first gets their wish! haha A silly little game we play, but it’s fun.

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i don’t associate 11:11 with anything besides making wishes when the clock strikes it.
that’s cool about your grandma though! (:

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I have a theory that you are infatuated with the number 1 or at least tall, straight, stiff things that resemble that numeral.

As far as a psychic connection is concerned, I don’t have the mental faculties to speculate on that. I’m too ordinary.

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Not really. You do know that one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do. Right?

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In numerology odd numbers are usually stronger but I don’t know about 11. I think it’s weak because it like a split 1 1. I guess the World Trade Center can attest to that..sigh

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Really you can do this with any number. I see 106 everywhere…..oh fuck its 106 right now !_!...see bizarre. I was born on 10/6 and i just seem to notice whenever its 106 or the number will just appear to me in strange ways. When i first started driving i got an after curfew ticket. The ticket cost 106 dollars. I went on a school trip and ended up staying in room 106. My house i was living in when i met my girlfriend was exactly 10.6 miles from my girlfriends house. My first job was also 10.6 miles from my house. Its just strange how you pick up on things.

Do i think i see 106 more than any other number? No not really, i just think im tuned into it so every time i see it, it strikes my attention.

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Oddly, I am. Far more than coincidence would account for, I notice that when I glance casually at the clock, the time I’ve chosen is 11:11, not a few minutes before or after. This happens both morning and night. I’m not particularly good at being aware of time, and I never think about it beforehand. It just happens that way, far, far more than at other noticeable times, such as 5:55 or 12:34.

But I don’t think it means anything. Not anything. It’s just something that happens.

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What was that 11 movie with Jim Carey called?

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@SeventhSense. He did a movie called The Number 23 but nothing with an 11 in it that I could find.

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@Blue thanks- I guess I thought it was 22? Brain freeze

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Actually, I find that I often look at the clock when it is 12:34.

@Bluefreedom Thanks, Dr. Freud. : )

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I’m terribly jealous of you and your grandma for that. The number 11 fascinates me. Not one, or any other number for that matter. Just that parallel. I want to have a kid at 11:11:11..AM.. on 11/11/11 but I don’t want to be having kids that shortly so I gotta opt out of that dream.

I’m drawn to the clock at 11:11 though, yeah.

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it happens to me at 9:11
creeps me out!

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It’s confirmation bias, 11:11 is a more recognizable and memorable number than 8:29 etc.

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I see 11:11 with notable frequency.

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Im more concerned with 4:20

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I think that you have noticed 11:11 a couple times and now your mind knows your really into it and keeps tract of the time. That could be why you always happen to look at a clock. Your training yourself.

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It’s always 12:34 for me. That’s really cool about your grandmother.

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Nostradamus wrote that when 1111 people notice 11:11 eleven times in a row, it’s one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Um, but there are some cultural conversations about 11 in time. The 11th hour (both a BIblical reference, and the doomsday clock at The University of Chicago), as well as the signing of the armistice concluding The Great War, the war to end all wars, which came into effect at 11 am on November (the eleventh month, in 1918). The 11th hour is also kind of thrillingly penultimate since we generally use 12-hour clocks.

Oh, and yes I know what you mean, but for me it’s not 11:11 but another, secret time, which my high-school friends and I kept noticing when something loathsome was occurring, and which had other connotations in our private comedic/ironic mythology/superstition.

I suggest you buy a clock with on ominous alarm and always have it set for 11:11. You could have another mechanical clock which you never wind but it always showing 11:11.

You could consult an astrologer about it, too.

Maybe also fill your final requests with 11:11 references – read the eulogy at 11:11, have 11:11 carved enigmatically into a corner of your tombstone… have yourself buried with a watch stopped at 11:11…

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no but at 8:08 it says bob and at 10:25 because thats my birthday.
Really cool about your grandma. My little sister was born 7/11/07 at 7:42. All if the numbers rhyme or are a multiple of 7 so yea.

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i always notice this on my cars dashboard clock… 11:11… i also notice 3:11… for 3:11 it is because of the 311 band

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No this is not a fluke.. I have been seeing 11:11 for years as well… check it out glassglitterbeads:

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Jeruba thats what i thought as well for years, I was why am I always seeing 11:11? Crazy luck I guess, but for years it kept happening intil i could not ignore it any longer, so I started to research and of course could find nothing.. Then the internet came along – and I found out I was not the only one seeing this… Google is a great thing! If I were you I would research further…

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