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Do men flirt with girls they only find attractive or they flirt with everyone they do it just to do it?

Asked by missjena (918points) March 1st, 2009 from iPhone

This question is actually for my friend. Do men flirt just to flirt? Or are they actually interested?

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we flirt with everybody

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So men have no criteria with who they flirt with?

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I’ve known guys and girls to do both. I flirt sometimes even when i’m not interested…so I guess it just depends.

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I flirt for the attention. You can’t just place it on guys though, girls are just as notorious for flirting even when they aren’t interested.

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How do you know when a guy is just flirting or he’s actually interested?

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You could ask him. =)

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I think the whole flirting thing is kind of complicated because I’ve been caught “flirting” but it was totally unintentional. I considered it being polite or friendly but apparently it seemed like I was flirting. So, I guess it depends on your idea of flirting. I say, if he’s really interested he’ll make it obvious. Have you seen the movie “He’s just not that into you”? Total reality check.

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I think it depends on whether the flirting is focused. If you’re having a conversation and they’re flirting with everyone involved, he’s just a flirt. I’m a big believer in calling for back-up to verify flirt intentions.

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I’m naturally compelled to flirt because I love women and everything about them. They have that effect on me and I can’t resist it. I’m also a man and we tend to have a reputation for lascivious behavior so that helps out also.

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Well my friend always walks into this deli and the guy that works there always flirts with her. Here Is what he does. He always stares at her ( wants her to know he does it’s overly obvious). He makes comments to her under his breath. He saw her walet opened and said “hi michelle” cuz he saw her name on her license. When she left she didn’t say bye (y would she) and he yells out “bye michelle!” stuff like that.

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I only flirt with women I find attractive.

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On the flip side I only flirt with men I find attractive.

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Same here, I only flirt with women that are attractive to me. Sometimes though, good chemistry is there and I end up flirting with someone I wouldn’t have at first glance.

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What do you think of the scenario I just explained about the guy from the deli? Is he interested?

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Yes he is. Tell her to flirt back a suggest a date. He should then pounce.

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Well if you guys go with a group of friends and he pays extra attention to her than I think it’s pretty obvious that he is interested.

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@missjena. The deli clerk is behaving like he has more than just a casual interest in her and if she is receptive to that, then maybe she should talk to him more to better gauge his level of sincerity.

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She mentions he might flirt with some of her friends but he always singles her out by staring at her and screaming out things when she leaves. ( he only did that 1 time though)

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@bluefreedom do you really think so? You don’t think it’s just casual flirting?

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It’s definitely not casual flirting if he went out of his way to find out and remember her name all on his own. It wouldn’t surprise me that he can predict when she comes in, and tries his best to work those days. He wants a date, but she hasn’t really responded to him yet.

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He’s taking time to scrutinize her name in the wallet so he can call her by name, he’s conspicuously staring at her, he’s drawing attention to himself and her by yelling at her as she walks out the door, he’s talking to her under his breath whenever he can. I think you can safely interpret this to mean the interest is for real. Your friend still needs to communicate with him to see how deep that interest goes.

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Yeah I thought so as well when she told me this but I wanted to get your opinions as well.

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What if she gives him her number and he doesn’t call?

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@missjena. Then he might be a jerk instead of gentleman. Or other reasons. You could speculate on it all day long but she won’t know anything until she takes the step of talking to him like I mentioned above.

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Good idea. Thanks!

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I only flirt with ” potential ”, why waste time and energy ?

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Also is there usually a cut off date when you give someone your number how many days should pass where the person who gave the number think to themselves that they aren’t going to call. Like if she gives him her number if he doesn’t call in 3 days should she assume he won’t call? I’m pretty sure tomorrow she’s going to give him her number.

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It depends on the man. Some men flirt with all women, some only flirt with ones they find attractive, and some don’t flirt at all.

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I’m going to go with:
-I am kind to all girls.
-Flirt with those I like.
The difference might be subtle

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When Im out in the club Imma flirt… or so it goes…

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Eh. Some from column A, some from column B, I’d imagine.

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I think age makes a big difference in how much we flirt. Younger men look for breed stock, older men flirt with about anyone just to have fun and to possibly make a lady feel better about herself.

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I sometimes flirt with women for business reasons, i.e., I get better service.

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Yah but this guy works in a deli and be doesn’t make commission.

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I only flirt with women on fluther, and I have no idea what they look like. Perhaps more to the point is that they have no idea what I look like!

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I never flirt. I talk to all sorts of people, male and female, if they look interesting. If one of them is also an attractive female, then conversations may start to get more intimate, and things just tend to happen naturally. But I never start by thinking “wow, that’s a good-looking woman over there, I’ll just go talk to her!”.

Oh, I’ve done it once actually. Nothing happened.

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