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Do you consider yourself to be a stressed-out person?

Asked by TheBox193 (997points) March 1st, 2009

Or I’m asking:
-On average do you feel stressed?
-Do small stress get to you?
-Have you ever fabricated stress (made it up) so it could be there as an excuse? is that possible?
-Do you remember the last time you were stressed?

I don’t really consider myself a stressed person. I’m wondering what others think of stress and why they may have it, if they have it…

I guess this question might require self-reflection….that’s good right? maybe

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Yes. Stress.
Small stress, big stress
In a chat stress.
on a mat, stress.
In my car. stress,
from a far, stress.
By the bay, stress
Everyday, stress
But I work on it too
And am not usually blue
Happy in my life
Even with the strife.

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I have pills that stop that shit in it’s tracks, happy little anti-anxiety pills. :)
Before that, I was stressed like you wouldn’t believe. I still am, but I can gauge it better now.

@bigbanana: What did bythebay ever do to you? Hmpf!

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@bigbanana. Nice answer, Dr. Seuss. :o)

I consider myself to be a relaxed and level-headed person most of the time and on average, I feel very little stress in my daily life.

I’ve never fabricated stress and I can’t think of any good reasons to do this because too much stress on your body can be both physically and emotionally unhealthy.

The last time that I was moderately stressed out was at work when I had to appear before a promotion board which, incidentally, is what I’m going to be doing again here within a month.

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Like asmonet, I take medication for it. Two pills daily for chronic anxiety, and a different one as needed for acute attacks. Life is ever so much better now. :)

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I didn’t realize it till recently but yes.
On average I definitely do stress myself out.
Small stress, yeah.
That’s possible. I’d like to think I don’t stress myself out that much but who knows.
Last time I was stressed was when I looked at my checking account balance. That stress is still lingering and will till this upcoming paycheck.

I should probably take medication for it. Life might be nicer.

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HELL NO DAMMIT ! &GB&^%^%%$&(&(_Y%$#W#$W ^S$


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@asmonet . no silly I live by the Bay!

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@Bluefreedom In honor of Dr.Suess who would celebrate his bday tomorrow, I think..:)

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I’m always stressed. I tend to overload myself and make promises I can’t keep. This results in my head exploding and me just snapping and breaking down. Fun stuff!

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@A_Wood Making promises that can’t be kept or are hard to be kept. I can associate with that. I try my best to keep them. I think they cause more self-disappointment than stress in me. I feel bad for breaking those promises. I guess that’s a reason I don’t like to promosis to early. For example when some says “Will you do a favor for me?” I say “Maybe”, “It depends” or “What do you got”. Unbinding answers.

@asmonet and @augustlan Pills are a solution. Many times Ive wondered what other reliefs there could possibly be. I’m weird though, not a big fan of dugs, but they work.

@Bluefreedom You are right, stress isn’t good for the good ol body.
I’m trying to be self-aware, I wondered what others self-reflections might be regarding stress. Maybe I do stress my self, but I don’t want to be fabricating it. I can’t tell if my stresses are minor and I’m unaware of them or if I’m just un-stressed. Perhaps I’m just in a rather non-stressful environment at the moment here at school. Or do I ignore stress? Ha, there is a funny proposition. Can stress be ignored?
Maybe I think to much

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I’m under a lot of stress. Work stress is volume related, home stress is because my role as mother is ending, and my impending divorce. If I had better financial stability, but feel like I’m a high wire act without a net. There’s just so much to do, and I don’t want to do it.

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On average; no – I don’t feel stressed and most certainly the small stuff does not get to me at all. In terms of fabrication of stress, I would say no – life brings enough trials that there is no need to make them up.

I feel concern on a day to day basis about a myriad of things, but I realize that most of them are beyond my repair/control. I do what I can, to the best of my abilities, and let go.

The times I do feel real stress are in situations that surround my children and those I love. For me managing stress is about priorities and perspective. Stress because my cell phone won’t work, the line at the market is too long, my flight is delayed, the washer broke…things like that are trivial inconveniences…not stress. Illness, financial crisis, marital strife; those are real stresses but, they too need to be kept in perspective in order not create more strife and exacerbate an already tenuous situation.

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yes…it’s that bubbling under the surface, kinda stress…
the volcano has yet to erupt…

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Im laid back as can be. I try not to let things stress me, especially people. If people can get me upset and all out of shape i feel like they have power over me.

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Yes. I have a lot of pressure and responsibility on me.

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Didn’t, but my doctors insist I need to chill out.
I had better not catch any heat from checking the box next to Recreational Drug Use next time. :)

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Nah… Not really. I can’t let myself become stressed out because of my adrenal insufficiency (I’ll go into adrenal crisis because my body can’t respond to stress correctly), so I’ve learned ways to prevent and avoid it. When I do get stressed, it’s usually stemming from worry and worry for me pertains to the past and the future, neither of which I can do anything about at that moment. So, I just don’t let myself get worked up.

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When I am alone at work I am totally relaxed.
But at home and paying bills YES.
Going to exhibits or mandatory events YES
Making small talk YES
That is why God made wine and beer right?
and little happy pills as some prefer ;)

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I’m pretty laid back unless I am sick or overtired. Then stress builds in my shoulders/back/neck, and I get really crabby.

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@Dog: I am not above trading my happy pills for wine and beer every now and then. :)

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Generally, no. I can honestly say the only time I feel truly stressed is during finals week when I’m up to my eyeballs with projects and papers I should have done months ago.

Otherwise, stress free is the way to be.

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