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What name would you like to assign to the fluther mascot?

Asked by Kevisaurus (287points) March 23rd, 2009

I’m referring to that bloke wearing the thin wire spectacles.

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Why are we renaming Dr. J?

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He has one! It’s Dr. J!

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Haha, yeah. Don’t go renaming our baby.

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Mr. Fluthersworth

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Dr. J is here to stay!

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His name is Dr.J dude. Let’s not rename him!

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The one, the only Dr. J cannot be renamed. You might enjoy this thread.

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How did he originally get the name, anyway? I’ve always wondered…

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@augustlan, All I know is that my dad’s name is Jay and he’s a doctor. Strange.

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@omfgTALIjustIMDu Your dad is Dr. Strange?!?!

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This question is sacrilege!
The very idea of messing with Dr. J!


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Do the three orange fish at the bottom have names?

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That’s Manny, Moe, & Jack.

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Ah, the Pep Boys!

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Oh, yeh. That’s right. Those are the Pep boys.
I remember now. The fish are named Gorton, Long John Silver, and Mrs. Paul.

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Winken, Blinken, and Cod.

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I always imagined Curly, Larry and Moe myself.

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I was really kinda hoping there names were Tony! Toni! Toné!

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Tony. Orlando. and Dawn.

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To me he looks like a scyphozoa from the phylum cnidaria, but someone cut off all his tentacles leavind only three of them. He looks happy though and doesn’t seem to mind. An honor to meet you Mr. Fluthersworth.

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It probably stands for Dr. Jelly. I’m happy with it. ;)

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Dwayne, Rerun and DeeDee for the fishies.

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Ben, Andrew, and Gail

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We have a winner, don’t we?

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